Game of Thrones Hotel Opens in Finland

Throneheads, GOTers, Knee Benders, Thronies — whatever you like to call yourself — it’s time to rejoice. After sighs were heard across the world when the news hit that the six-episode, eighth and final season of Game of Thrones wouldn’t be released until 2019, HBO Nordic has answered our prayers.

Teaming up with Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, the duo constructed a hotel out of just snow and ice and its GOT-theme has got fans going wild. The hotel itself is 120 miles above the Arctic Circle in Finland, and features 30 rooms carved from 20 million kilos of snow and 350,000 kilos of natural ice. As for the temperature, the interior only reaches between 28 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit so guests are recommended to stay for a maximum of one night. But don’t fret, there are thermal and fleece-lined sleeping bags as well as comfy beds to keep you warm.

Game of ThronesThe project summoned the help of professional ice sculptors who recreated iconic show-related characters, places and symbols. In one suite you can sleep under House Tully’s silver trout sigil and in another, a White Walker with glowing eyes to match. There’s also an icy map of the Five Kingdoms to help you get around, an impressive carving of the Braavosi Hall of Faces, and at the entrance, The Iron Throne (made of ice) with a figure of The Mountain standing guard.

No hotel is complete without its fair share of amenities and in this case the SnowVillage includes an Ice Bar serving boozy beverages with a dragon looming overhead, Ice Restaurant and an Ice Chapel—but please refrain from any Red Wedding reenactments.

Game of Thrones

This is SnowVillage’s 17th installment since their opening in 2000, but their first-ever Game of Thrones theme. Reservations can be made up until April 8, 2018 (due to rising temperatures) and a standard standard double room will run you around $270 and snow suites around $360.

Game of ThronesSo what’re you waiting for? Go live out your Westeros or Winterfell fantasies before it’s too late!

All photos by Lapland Hotels