Hanne Bloch: The Elegance of The Female Form

Established in 2008, Hanne Bloch creates gorgeous collections that complement and emphasize the female form. Bloch draws inspiration from around the world, and her Scandinavian roots for detail and seeks to encourage women to favor their own personal style as opposed to fleeting trends. Since 2012, Hanne Bloch has collaborated on collections with her daughter, Olivia Bloch. The pair now work together to create pieces that accentuate elegant and seductive silhouettes.

Peach Bloom Triangle Top, $160

Hanne Bloch Top/Skirt

Mint Silk Tulle Top, $368/Mint Silk Tulle Skirt, $506

Hanne Bloch Shirt

Iris Silk Frill Shirt, $307


Hanne Bloch Top

Black String Silk Top, $173


Hanne Bloch Dress

Mint Silk Tulle Dress, $626

To shop and browse, visit www.hannebloch.com or visit @hannebloch on Instagram.

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