Healthy On-the-Go Summer Snacks

Snacks are great but you want to make sure your little in-between meal treat is healthy, especially in the summer. 

One of Shrewd Food’s core values is providing healthy, low-calorie, and high protein snacks while also being gluten-free and non-GMO. These all-natural snacks may be highly nutritious, but still, have this great flavor that will satisfy your taste buds.  

Flax4Life is a family-run wholesale bakery offering baked goods that are completely flax-based and gluten-free. Their goods range from muffins, brownies, toasted buns, cakes, granola, and single serves that are perfect for on the go. 

To maintain a razor-sharp focus all day, try the Voke chewable tablet—mixed with a variety of superfoods such as whole guarana seed, acerola cherry, and green tea leaf caffeine.  

Berg Bites are the perfect grab and go snack when heading out the door. It can serve as a small energy bar with all-natural ingredients or as a miniature dessert without the guilt!

Here are some of VUE Magazine’s favorites:

Protein Puffs 

These egg, soy, and nut-free little puffs are the perfect hand-held snack. With only being 90 calories, it still provides that satisfying crunch and bursts with 7 different flavors. Our favorites were the Brick Oven Pizza and the Nacho Cheese.  


Eating anything sweet can have you feeling guilty, but that will not be the case with these brownies. It’s like eating a normal, fudge brownie but made with all-natural ingredients without the preservatives and unnecessary additives. They come in 6 unique flavors such as Cappuccino and Toasted Coconut

Protein and Keto Dippers 

Another sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth is these decadent chocolate dippers available in both milk and dark chocolate from Gold Bee. A high protein, easy pop in your mouth healthy snack that will satisfy your craving in seconds.  


As a top-seller, these muffins definitely live up to the hype. These nutrient-packed and moist little snacks will not live you disappointed. Hawaiian Pineapple and Apple Cinnamon are just some out of the six flavors available.