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In a culture dedicated to hard work, the opportunity to escape and be pampered may seem incomprehensible to many people. Pendry Residences Natirar, a luxury residence offering in Somerset, New Jersey, witnesses and grants the desire for wellness-based, pampered living. In 2022, the current historic Tudor-style mansion will be expanded upon to introduce a hotel, a full-service spa, culinary innovations, and a variety of outdoor pursuits, all to give guests and residents the holistic living they deserve. Residence owners will be able to take full advantage of the resort’s services, immersing themselves in a community that prioritizes sustainable living, along with mental and physical wellness. The residences themselves will debut in 2021, with a multitude of developments in store. Tina Necrason, Executive Vice President Residential for Montage International discussed with us what to expect in the reveal, as well as how the resort is paying homage to its iconic roots.  

Natirar’s current popular amenities include the renowned Ninety Acres restaurant and cooking school, as well as a sustainable farm. However, one of the multifaceted aspects of wellness is the food we consume, and Pendry Residences is going above and beyond in how they provide food for their residents. The estate’s residents have the unique opportunity to own an individual plot of farmland, and they can curate it themselves, or have Pendry Residences workers manage it on their behalf. The result is fresh, vibrant produce such as sun-ripened tomatoes and crisp lettuce being delivered to one’s doorstep seasonally, or even every day. According to Necrason, Pendry Residences staff are “literally going to go out and harvest and bring that” [produce] “right up to your doorstep”, combining their “farm-to-table” and personalized service philosophies for their residents’ utmost comfort and wellness. 

The customization of services for each resident is something that makes Natirar’s culture so distinct; to Necrason, the Natirar lifestyle “really is tailored for anyone seeking a lifestyle that’s very effortless, so not only appreciating a country experience but also for those that really want fully serviced living”. From a demographic perspective, anybody can benefit from, and enjoy, the amenities at Natirar, but interest is primarily seen from “city dwellers that are now looking for that more country, green, expansive experience where their families can come”. Personalized connection is also another one of Natirar’s strengths, as the expansive space and multiple residential opportunities allow families to stay connected in a multitude of ways. Necrason says “From a multigenerational standpoint, we may have families that are downsizing a bit, and now everyone’s coming to visit them and extended family can stay in the hotel, for example, so we tailor everything based on the lifestyle that people are looking for”. The Natirar lifestyle combines an idyllic landscape, rich history, and attentive service in a luxury space, as well as other amenities such as the hotel, spa, and outdoor pursuits, so according to Necrason, “that type of destination doesn’t exist anywhere in New Jersey, and that is also what has been so attractive to people”.   

As Natirar is replete with history, it is no surprise that the charming style of the mansion beckons people to visit or live at the estate. The mansion was originally built in 1912 and owned by the Moroccan king, and Natirar has continuously been expanding upon its architecture while keeping the features that make its history so authentic. As Natirar adds on to the hotel, the spa, and the other amenities that give it its charm, Necrason says the overall construction of the 2022 estate is creating a sort of aesthetic called “‘where service meets design’”, and that “we’re paying homage to a modern interpretation of what a modern-day manor looks like”. The architecture for the specific residences is a contemporary style, but the residences also contain a specific type of brick that’s reminiscent of a 1912 carriage house. This maintains a cohesive style, theme, and history throughout the estate where visitors can be reminded of Natirar’s unique history wherever they go. 

The dwellings offered at Natirar are only one of the offerings that are alluring to potential residents or guests; by combining a rustic interior with plentiful outdoor pursuits, Natirar residents can live in luxury by getting nature’s benefits at their doorstep. Aside from the aforementioned fresh produce, Natirar residents can reap the benefits of the sunlight and the five hundred acres of the country estate, all through the residences’ architecture. Necrason says this is done by “providing a really beautiful, simplistic view of our architecture in terms of floor to ceiling glass and really maximizing light, and clean lines, to take advantage of the outside”. In conjunction with paying homage to their historical inspiration, Necrason says the ultimate design goal is “connection to the land, and having a more contemporary feel, and look, and design aesthetic”, which emphasizes a connection to not only the lush acres of land, but the exclusive history of the estate.  

“It’s really taking what is there and this amazing story and embellishing it, creating a very unique destination that appeals to so many people and generations”, Necrason says.

By Jillian Buckley



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