Holy Grail Steak: A Luxury Steakhouse Experience at Home

Kobe beef is famous for its ultimate flavor and tenderness, and any steak connoisseur knows how difficult it is to find a restaurant that sells such an exquisite cut. In 2018, Holy Grail Steak Co. launched an online site of authentic and rare, high-end Kobe beef, that can be delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button. With an exclusive portfolio of the world’s finest steaks, their vast selection gives you the choice in deciding what kind of steak you want delivered to you. And no need to worry about accreditation; Holy Grail Steak Co. appears as the only mail-distributing company licensed by the Kobe Beef Marketing &  Distribution Promotion Association to sell legitimate Japanese Kobe beef.

Many restaurants claim they sell real Kobe beef, but that simply may not be the case. In fact, only about 33 restaurants in the entire United States are licensed to provide the fine beef to customers, with Holy Grail Steak being the only online provider. Certified by the Kobe Beef Association, the company is the only way to get authentic Kobe beef at home. Their portfolio also contains the finest Japanese A5-grade wagyu on the planet including Hokkaido “Snow Beef” from Chateau Uenae, the rarest steak in the world, as well as a USDA “Upper” Prime Black Angus.

Holy Grail Steak’s goal has always been to procure the world’s greatest steaks. By connecting with farms and ranches who have a sense of care about quality of food, Holy Grail Steak was able to establish relationships with some of the best producers who live by the ‘Golden Rule of Cow’, meaning a steak only tastes as good as it was raised. The meticulous protocol in raising wagyu—Japanese cattle or cow—starts with a controlled environment which provides only grains and grasses for consumption in order to develop the most savory beef on the planet. 

As the first mail order delivery company of quality beef, Holy Grail Steak’s shipping process must maintain a standard of cleanliness and reliability. Butchers cut and immediately vacuum seal the beef before freezing them to about -30F, which preserving their quality and keeps them from being compromised. Dry ice is used to ensure the product is in excellent condition upon arrival, and with a biodegradable interior insulation made ofcornstarch, it can be dissolved in the sink. What is recommended is either a cold-water bath, never hot water, for a quick thaw or allowing the steak to defrost in the refrigerator for about a day or two.

Holy Grail Steak continues to connect with more farmers to help spread the vision of providing the world’s finest steaks. For more information, visit https://holygrailsteak.com/.