Home Automation: Your Home Right In Your Hands

Technology circulates around every aspect of our lives and we have seen how limitless the options are when it comes to what technology can do. One of the most buzz-worthy technological integrations of our time is the introduction of automation systems installed in homes. These systems are sometimes referred to as “smart homes”, but they are much more advanced and efficient than a home with aspects of home control systems. When someone hears the term “home automation”, they typically have an idea of its’ meaning but do not know the extent of the technology and possibilities behind home automation.

Home automation is a way of incorporating you, your family and your needs by installing a system that familiarizes itself with the homeowners and enables the technology-based aspects of their home to perform on their own. Home automation removes the interaction step from the process and creates a system that knows its owner well enough to do exactly what they need for them without the user lifting a finger. The systems are fully network-based and involve multiple different control networks that communicate with one another to ultimately control the entire system, unlike home control systems which have each individual network controlling separate aspects of the system. 

The process of setting up a home automation system begins with creating a relationship with the client and presenting the opportunities that come with a home automation system. The system can control lights, door locks, thermostats, fireplaces, window shades,  security cameras; the possibilities are infinite. Once the client has chosen the features that they want for their home automation system, their system gets designed specifically for their needs and then is programmed into their home’s wi-fi network. No two systems are alike, and it is not a system that can work by just connecting to the wi-fi, it is embedded in the networking, making it more reliable, private and personal than any other system. One popular feature in the home automation systems is a keypad that is next to the user’s bed with a button labeled “sleep” which when clicked will go through a checklist of things that it needs to turn off, such as, locking the doors and turning electronics off.

The system is programmed and controlled through a singular application. This is not a cloud-based system, it is an internal system, meaning the information and footage in the system are saved on a hard drive and fully belong to the owner. This prevents the system from being hacked or viewed by anyone outside of the owners and eliminates any monthly costs since the system is already owned by the user. 


Home automation systems are set-up strategically by embedding pieces of the client’s life and habits into the system. Home automation is a fantastic way to conserve energy, helping the environment while simultaneously saving the owner money. The system can have the home’s lighting set on a dimmer so they never have to be on full brightness, and they are not working to their full capability. The lighting is also controllable, so they can be programmed to automatically turn off on a timer or motion sensor. Another special feature that is possible with home automation is a setting that can turn off all of the lights on the lower level of the home when you are upstairs and vice versa. Throughout the day and different positions of the sun, the lighting, curtains and temperature of the house can adjust themselves to conserve energy and make sure the home is a comfortable climate. One element that generates a “wow” factor is when someone chooses to automate their window shades and have motorized, drop-down curtains. Also, the system can include a singular, labeled keypad for light switches which abolishes confusion and creates a sleek setting.

Dan Tapolow from Infinite Audio and Video Solutions explained that many people do not know the extent of what home automation can do for them. His company installs different tiers and versions of their system, ranging from simply extending their wi-fi, to a totally automated home, so there is really an option for anyone looking to make their life a little bit easier. Whether you want to improve the security of your home, your electricity bill is getting a little too high or you are looking to add a music system into the mix, home automation systems provide a plethora of possibilities and put you in full control of your home. 


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