Iconic Elegance: The Sea Ray L650

No matter where one may venture, whether it be to a tropical island or up and down the coast with family, buying a yacht with a solid build, expert design, and luxury features takes your journey to the next level. The Sea Ray L650 encompasses all of these qualities and more.

Sea RayWhether maneuvering effortlessly around a marina or voyaging on the open sea, a cruising yacht should speak luxury. Brian Keane, a top consultant for MarineMax, explains that at first sight, the L650 does exactly that, but there is even more than meets the eye. Keane himself has been selling Sea Ray models for 30 years, and says, “The LClass is the most exclusive part of the Sea Ray iconic brand, L of course, standing for luxury. That is Sea Ray’s introduction into the big superyacht market.” Sea Ray is an iconic brand and has been in business since the 1950s, and the L Class line is in a league of their own. When owners want to move up but stay within the Sea Ray brand, the L650 is the perfect example of how their quality build and iconic brand separates them from the competition.

Sea RayFrom the outside looking in, the 65-foot-1 L650 makes a clear statement from the start. “It’s a big, luxurious, comfortable, well appointed boat,” says Keane, who explains that from the cockpit to the salon, the interior and exterior spaces flow together nicely. Inside, there are four state rooms and three heads, with premium upholstery, woodwork, and hardware surrounding every detail. There is a dining area with a table, seating, and tons of smart storage options. The boat itself is easy to control, driveable with a joystick and autopilot options. However, there is a captain’s quarters if a family would like a captain controlled boat. The space includes crew quarters so one could bring their spouse or children as well. The L650 comes with a seakeeper, which keeps the boat steady and stabilized, a revolution to boating. The 1,150 horsepower engine gives way to an excess of 30 knots that is both relaxing, and ensures you get to your destination on time.

Sea RayThough all L650s are created with the same iconic quality build and staple features, buyers can be open to just about anything— especially when it comes to specifics and schematics. Through sources such a MarineMax, buyers can request all different colors, from your hull and exterior, to your interior, floors, fabrics and woods. The electronics are also customizable, as well as the crew quarters, but no matter what is chosen, the integrity of the boat stays the same. Depending on customizations of the model, a L650 can cost upwards of 2 million USD. MarineMax itself was founded by the top two Sea Ray dealers in the country, and has since joined together to focus on what is important: getting buyers and owners out on the water.

Sea RayAn all inclusive experience, the L650 is ideal for a couple or family. Keane says that the boat is even good for your extended family, brothers, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles (if you’d like to share). Beautiful and stylish, the boat is for those who are looking take to the seas in exclusive luxury within the Sea Ray brand. “Florida, the Chesapeake, Nantucket, Bahamas; you can take the boat and dock anywhere. It’s a cruising yacht for a cruising family.”