Jewelry Pieces With A Purpose

If you are looking for even just a minute of tranquility during a busy day, or
a way to ward off negative energies, the mental clarity you are seeking can be found in something as simple as a pair of earrings. The brand Karma and Luck, a jewelry and home decor collection, utilizes specific gemstones and symbols in order to create perfectly customized accessories that target anything in your life sapping your energy. Founded in 2015 by Vladi Bergman, the vision of Karma and Luck is to connect cultures through both fair trade and handmade creations that symbolize peace and kindness.

Karma and Luck accessories primarily feature precious gemstones, such as pearl, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, and amethyst, which can bless the wearer with wisdom, calm, love, or serenity. Certain cultural symbols, such as the Tree of Life, the eye of Horus, or a moon and star pairing, are
also used in the handmade creations for a sense of purpose, feeling grounded to one’s roots, or enlightenment. In each product description, whether it is for golden Tree of Life stud earrings or vibrantly colored decorative crystal trees, every accessory promises bountiful rewards for its wearer.

The products on the website are even categorized according to one’s intentions, with intentions such as “Happiness & Confidence”, “Protection & Peace”, and “Love & Loyalty” being included. Under “Health and Balance”, the featured pieces are jewelry that includes the gemstones amethyst, aquamarine, and tiger’s eye. These three stones contribute to making the wearer feel balanced and energized; for example, amethyst’s violet hue creates calming energy, aquamarine gives balance and tranquility, and tiger’s eye provides healing and courage. Sometimes the gemstones will appear in the form of crystals, such as in the Blissful Tranquility Amethyst Necklace, but they can also appear in the form of rounded beads, such as in the Tiger’s Eye Chakra Bracelet.

The striking colors and sheen of each gemstone, combined with the meticulous crafting of each accessory, is sure to give you a decorative item you will be honored to display, whether you wear it on your body or prop it up in your home. Any item from Karma and Luck, especially from the Health & Balance section, will give you the positive energy and mental clarity you need to face any struggle, as well as a restoration of peace.