A Hand-Rolled Moment with Jimenez Tobacco

Cigars commemorate. They celebrate. They congratulate. The smell of lit, aged tobacco often accompanies a celebration of what has been and what will be. They light up the major forks of the roads we take, signaling a graduation, a promotion or a marriage like a road sign. They point to the future ahead but also reflect on age-old sociability. In today’s go-go world, we have less moments to sit, relax, reflect and reconnect with friends and family. A cigar creates these moments to put the phone down, pour a single-malt whiskey and kick the legs up.

Jimenez Tobacco

Courtesy of Jimenez Tobacco

Jimenez Tobacco Enhances the Cigar Experience

Located in Newark’s Downtown Arts district, Jimenez Tobacco understands that cigars encompass a lot more than the tobacco leaves inside them. Jimenez tips its cap to the connections and experiences that good cigars provide, cultivating an all-in-one venue designed with comfort and conversation in mind.

History of Jimenez Tobacco

The Jimenez family rolled their first hand-made cigars in Cuba in 1903. In 1960, the political strife in Communist Cuba led brother and sister Humberto Jimenez and Nelda Pozo-Jimenez to emigrate from the Oriente region in Cuba to Newark. When they arrived, they brought their cigar rolling expertise with them, opening Jimenez Tobacco to reflect the cigar culture they left behind. Nelda remains the only female master blender in the United States, turning a craft into an artform.

With six cigar styles that can be customized to include any combination of different tobaccos aged from five to ten years, coming from places like Brazil and Indonesia, Jimenez handcrafts every part of the cigar. Starting with a thin tobacco leaf, Nelda hand-rolls a family guarded blend designed to optimize flavor, intensity, and body. Once rolled, they get pressed into cedar presses, then receive a final wrapping to guarantee the cigar’s smooth finish.

Speakeasy and Smoking Lounge

Customers entering Jimenez Tobacco will be greeted to a regal atmosphere reflecting the luxury and comfort of a high-end smoking lounge. Dark wood, leather chairs, a fireplace and ornate lighting make the speakeasy an ideal place for drinks and a hand-rolled smoke. Jimenez also caters, bringing their rolling stations to any event, adding that extra pizzazz and flair.

For more information on Jimenez Tobacco visit their website, or stop by one of their two locations at 31 Liberty St. or at the Prudential Center (during Devils games and select concerts) in Newark.