If the ocean brings you inspiration, relaxation, or even celebration, warmer weather no doubt has you heading seaside. For some that spot is a beachside bungalow, others prefer bobbing on a boat, and still others might enjoy watching the waves from the poolside. Whatever your preference, to beat the heat beverages must take a starring role in this picture and Perlick Corporation’s newly launched Marine and Coastal Grade Undercounter Refrigeration featuring Perlick ArmorTM will ensure a cold drink is just steps away. 

Perlick ArmorTM is designed to help bar, beverage, and refrigeration equipment retain its function and shine even in the harshest saltwater environments. Perlick ArmorTM was developed as a solution for a customer who lives on the ocean and was tired of having to regularly replace her rusting appliances. “We value our relationships with customers and our ability to incorporate customer feedback into the design, engineering, and manufacturing of our luxury appliances,” Brian Madson, Product Marketing Manager for Perlick said. 

Just what is it that makes these appliances withstand that coastal salt spray? A mix of 316 and 304 stainless steel replaces the plastic found in many other brands which means it is ideal for both food safety and easy cleaning. Upgraded 18-8 stainless steel and zinc plated fasteners further extend the longevity of your purchase as rust is kept at bay and durability assured. And while putting a refrigerator out in the direct sun might seem to make the motor run longer and harder, Perlick’s appliances are designed with the industry’s most energy-efficient cool-down that pulls the temperature down 70% faster than similar items from leading competitors. That energy efficiency is just part of what makes the Perlick products eco-friendly. Only naturally friendly HC refrigeration systems are used in each state-of-the-art refrigeration system giving the systems a low environmental impact as well as greater efficiency. Across its brand, Perlick is recognized as being best in class for construction, performance, quality, durability and attention to detail.  

Function is critical, but style is not left out. The under-counter appliances are just that–they sit hidden away under a counter to leave a streamlined look. Whether you want to top it off with a tiled bar that offers seating, a granite workspace complete with a grill top, or a wooden counter perfect for those bowls and trays of delectable snacks, the appliances will not take center stage. Although they are so beautifully made they could. And where space is limited, like on the deck of your newly purchased yacht, having appliances serve double duty as food and beverage storage and counter space is brilliant. 

Milwaukee-based, the company’s luxury residential product line features under-counter and column refrigerators, wine reserves, beer dispensers, freezers and ice makers that can be customized for the ultimate beverage storage and serving solutions. Perlick has what you need to keep the summertime fun going. 

Its extensive line of products is just part of what the Perlick Corporation credits for its success. The team behind the brand always insists on the best quality and finding creative ways to meet growing and expanding customer needs. That ingenuity and innovation, along with skilled craftsmanship is what rocketed the company from its roots as R. Perlick Brass Works to where it is today. 

Robert K. Perlick was a German immigrant who started R. Perlick Brass Works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1917, as a manufacturer of parts and battery terminals for industries that included automobile and streetcar manufacturers. When prohibition hit and the only beer that could be sold was “near beer”(a popular product with no more than .05% alcohol), Perlick and his brothers saw an opportunity to become the only manufacturer of brass beer taps creating a niche market for the business that boomed once prohibition ended. Sales were further buoyed by their invention of the direct draw Pony Pump which allowed beer to be tapped straight from the keg. 

As a constant innovator, Perlick became just the company to solve the logistics of dispensing beer in large stadiums. The Century Beer System was developed in the 1950s enabling sports fans everywhere to raise a glass to cheer on their favorite team. That culminated in the 1990s when Perlick engineers were tapped to put in the nearly six miles of beer lines for the newly renovated Madison Square Garden.

The rest is history as the business has continued to grow and evolve to support the rise of the craft beer industry and renewed interest in designer cocktails at both venues out of the house, as well as entertainment areas right at home. Perlick’s residential line is built on the expertise and experience found in working on commercial spaces, but scaled and designed to meet homeowners’ entertaining needs. Craving a cold brew while you watch a movie, gathering friends for an impromptu wine and cheese party, or needing to chill that favorite face cream? No matter what space, kitchen, living room, theater, or even bathroom, Perlick has an under-counter refrigeration solution. Their new marine grade line just expands the options to the great outdoors. 

When summertime means outdoor living with the waves lapping, seagulls swarming, and the scent of salt in the air, turn to Perlick’s Marine and Coastal Grade Undercounter Refrigeration to ensure a cold drink is always in hand and a party is just a tap pull away.