The Future of Sound: Kevin Crouse Audio Design

unnamedIn the world of home theaters, perfecting the quality of sound is an art all its own. However, what might not always be considered is how important an understanding of sound actually is. Owner and Founder of Kevin Crouse Audio Design (KCAD), Kevin Crouse is professional music producer, two-time Grammy Award winning sound engineer and luxury home theater specialist whose background and passion for the music industry allows for a one-of-a-kind perspective.

“I came into the home theater business with actual experience in the understanding of sound,” Crouse explained. With over 20 years working with recording artists such as Jay Z, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez, Crouse believes that every home should have the same crystal clear quality as the studios he’s used to working in. “The actual sound has to be good, but also realistic,” Crouse explained, meaning that louder and bolder isn’t always better. An immersive  and more equalized distribution of sound will leave you with a higher-quality audio experience.

Kevin Crouse Audio Design

Courtesy of Kevin Crouse

Started in 2005, Crouse set out to create a residential company that is dedicated to building home theaters and that specialize in home control. Home control, Crouse explained, is being able to control virtually anything that’s electronic in your home via smartphone, tablet or touch pad on the wall. “We are the sum of audio and video. And even more so, we’re a highly customizable company, we don’t produce any cookie cutter systems.” From incorporating wireless streaming to installing control systems in swimming pools, KCAD ensures an innovative design paired with a flawless execution that enhances any at-home entertainment experience. Dedicated to revolutionizing the electronic industry, Crouse’s vision for the future of sound is what sets him and his company apart.