La Compagnie to Fly From Newark to Paris-Orly

If you’re indulging yourself with a trip to Paris, why not fly to France in style? For New Jerseyans looking to jet across the Atlantic on a whim (and budget), the all-business-class La Compagnie airline might be for you.

With exclusive flights to only New Jersey and Paris, La Compagnie offers its patrons premium lounge access within the airport, in-flight recliner seats with built-in massagers, chef-inspired food and beverage menus, as well as Caudalie cosmetic kits and a personal tablet for entertainment. Best of all, what they (and we) consider to be a luxury travel experience comes at a lesser price tag, with direct flights starting at approximately $1,400. That’s an all-business-class flight, but with first-class amenities.

Effective as of April 22nd, La Compagnie will be readjusting their Parisian flight route to accommodate quicker connections to French provinces as well as other popular European destinations. They will now be acting officially out of Paris-Orly instead of the previous Charles de Gaulle airport. For travelers, the move isn’t expected to alter too many of your plans, just put you south of Paris instead of North.

If your dream destination is calling, spring is the time to act as Paris is in its prime (or so we’ve been told).

La Compagniela compagnieLa Compagnie
About La Compagnie
Launched in July 2014, La Compagnie is an exclusively business-class airline operating regularly scheduled transatlantic flights between New York (Newark International Airport) and Paris (Orly – effective April 22nd). Offering competitively low business-class fares, La Compagnie is outfitted with 74 lie-flat seats and provides thoughtful amenities including Tablets, Caudalie cosmetic kits and a unique dining experience offering fresh menu items by renowned chefs. All passengers can take advantage of La Compagnie’s frequent flyer program, MyCompagnie, receiving points that can be used towards tickets. For reservations please contact the airline’s call center at 800-218-8187, visit or contact your travel advisor.