Labor Day Party Essentials

Sadly summer is almost over, but with the end of summer comes Labor Day. Labor Day is the last summer celebration, and who are we to not let you in on a good time? If you don’t have anything planned yet, don’t worry you still have some time left! Nothing says Labor Day more than good food and drinks, and of course music for dancing, and room for activities.  But, given the wrong party essentials, your party may be the talk of the summer and not in a good way.  So, let this Labor Day be sunny and fabulous with VUE’s Labor Day Party Essentials. 

Your Labor Day Party essentials:

  • Drinks
  • Food 
  • Music
  • Activities


Mouton Cadet Blanc, Bordeaux:

Nothing is better on a nice summer day than a cold bottle of wine, and Mouton Cadet wine is just that. Drinking this will surely be an excellent way to enjoy your party, with hints of fresh fruit like apples, apricot, and citrus flavoring. 


Alba Chardonnay: If you’re looking for more vineyard driven wines, Alba wines are the way to go. Though you may not purchase them online, you can set them aside at the beautiful winery to pick up. While you’re there, feel free to treat yourself to a truly amazing wine tasting. 




Bartesian: We understand you may want a small gathering, so there is no reason to pay for a bartender. However, now you have one for free. Featured in our Holiday gift guide, Bartesian is the perfect cocktail machine for your small gatherings or just for a night alone. With multiple pods of your choosing, you’ll always be satisfied.




Belvedere Vodka: During Labor Day weekend, you can never really go wrong with Vodka. Belvedere Vodka is not only a tremendous smooth liquor to add to your cocktail, but it also consists of flavors from organic fruits and botanicals layered into every bottle.



Glenmorangie Whisky: Have you ever heard that patience is key? The meaning rings true with Glenmorangie whisky. After carefully crafting it for over 175 years, they’ve had time to perfect it. With some hints of fruits and a strong yet delicate taste, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t had it before.


Volcán Tequilla: This perfectly and carefully crafted tequila will be the best you ever taste, and why not start this Labor Day weekend? With each agave taking 3,250 days to ripen before harvest, you will always end up with a sweet and strong taste in all your cocktails. With the taste of fresh mint, citrus flavor, and spices, you will feel the herbal hints in every sip.


Cutwater: Lastly, we can not forget about some traditional summer cocktails, especially the ones that are carbonated. This canned vodka with hints of oranges is everyone’s new favorite. The light and cold refreshing taste will keep people coming back for more. 




Eatable: Popcorn just got better. Eatable is a booze-infused popcorn that is not only combined with alcohol but is also delicious and filled with flavor! This popcorn comes in many different flavors for you to enjoy on your Labor Day. So enjoy the holiday with a light booze-infused snack.







Catch19: If you like seafood, this seafood restaurant located in Red bank is a great place to go to or use to cater your event. With fresh seafood daily and excellent meals, you’d be a fool not to hire them for your event.




Buona Sera: is best known for its Italian dishes, and usually, the food speaks for itself. The restaurant designs a particular menu option for their guests and special events. They also cater to your wine likings as well. This is so each guest has a perfectly combined meal they will be sure not to forget. 




Chef Covas: is a well-known five-star restaurant in Long Branch. They carefully craft each plate to ensure all their guests will be happy. With many meals ranging from salmon to steak plates, there is nothing they can’t do perfectly. So, if you genuinely want your event to be memorable and delicious, call them!



JBL Party Box 1000: Nothing says a party like music does. Whether you’re dancing or just listening to the sounds, you want the quality of your music to be mesmerizing. That is why this speaker is perfect for all your events. Inside your house or outside on your patio, this speaker will be sure to allow all your guests to hear and feel like they are on the dancefloor. 






Electro-Voice EVOLVE: As we all know, not everyone’s space is the same. Your patio or house may be smaller than others, or you’ve invited far too many guests to your Labor Day party and now have run out of room. This speaker is perfect for smaller or crowded places. With this speaker, not only is it loud, but it is small and unnoticeable. It will have all your guests wondering where that sound is coming from?



Fender Passport Conference S2 Portable PA System: If you’re looking to make your whole neighborhood hear your party, you will want these speakers. You can easily place them all over your house for the perfect sound quality and to easily allow everyone to hear what a great time you’re having.




DJ Mixer Party System: You may be planning to celebrate until the sun comes up, or close to it, that is. That’s why these speakers for your Labor Day party are perfect for you. Not only is the sound quality outstanding, but they light up to double as a light for your guests as the day gets darker, so you can party all night. 



Optoma Projector: Sometimes we all like to relax by the end of the night or want to continue celebrating as the children wine down. That’s why purchasing a movie projector can be the perfect addition to your party. Not only can you put it anywhere, but you can be sure it plays all night in the comfort of your backyard to be sure your guests are never bored and always entertained. 

Crossnet H2O: With all the rain that has come our way, it’s nice Labour day will be sunny and hot so we can enjoy the last bit of summer we have left, so who would dare be inside on a beautiful day like that? Having this cross-net game for all your pool fun can be the most important thing you purchase for your party. Not only are you making sure your guests are having a good time and being well entertained, but you are also keeping them cool. 



Outdoor Ladder Toss Set: Every adult likes a casual game where they can still hold their drink in one hand. The Ladder cross-game allows you to do that! So you can have a simple and fun game while talking to all your guests and still being able to have your drink in your hand. Who would turn that down?





Little Tikes Huge Backyard Soccer and Basketball Court: Due to it being the end of the summer, we can’t forget the children. That is why this soccer field that doubles as a basketball court is perfect for all those that are young and like to have fun. This will be sure to keep all the kids at your party having a great time and being entertained throughout the Labor Day weekend. 


Well, there you have it! We hope that this guide to your perfect Labor Day Party Esstionals helps you plan the perfect summer party.