The Largest Michelangelo Exhibition in MET History

The largest Michelangelo exhibition the Metropolitan Museum of Art has ever held has recently opened its doors and is here to stay until February 12th, 2018. The exhibit entitled “Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman, and Designer” will feature 150 drawings, three marble sculptures, his first known painting, “The Torment of Saint Anthony,” and works from his collections around the United States and Europe. The exhibition presents a once in a lifetime opportunity that will showcase Michelangelo’s works from 53 different museums and collections that have never been seen together.

The Italian Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect, and poet, heavily influenced the growth of Western Art and is undoubtedly amongst the most famous and iconic artists to have ever lived. At this year’s MET exhibit, his use of drawing as a language will allow viewers to be part of his thought process, as Michelangelo drafted every one of his projects before beginning the actual piece. This is an incredible opportunity to experience first-hand the beauty of Michelangelo’s art and grasp an understanding of his creative technique.


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The exhibition will portray Michelangelo’s life and career, covering his apprenticeship as a teenager, his earliest painting, and his first known sculpture, Young Archer. Along with his colossal marble sculpture, David, and the painting of the Tomb of Pope Julius II, an entire gallery is devoted to the monumental painting of The Last Judgment on the Sistine Ceiling and his original studies for the project.

The Exhibition is located in the Tisch Galleries, on the second floor in the MET on 5th Avenue. Entry into the Michelangelo exhibition is included in the general admission ticket. Tickets can be purchased online for the suggested donation price to avoid the long lines; otherwise, visitors can pay whatever they wish to obtain entry when purchasing tickets at the museum.

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