Bringing Light & Love to Midtown & More

It is rare to find a luxury design company whose sole mission is to emotionally uplift everyone who comes into contact with their work, but that is the exact aim of LASVIT, a pioneering spatial concept company based out of the Czech Republic. Founded in 2007 by 6th generation glassmaker Leon Jakimic, LASVIT’s namesake is derived from the Czech words for “love” and “light”, further driving home the designer and manufacturer’s goal of touching the hearts of others through their elevated aesthetic and design work. 

By creating spatial and lighting experiences with innovative, bespoke installations and architectural additions, LASVIT is trailblazing an approach to design. From luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, cruise ships, yachts, offices, and private residences, LASVIT’s  breathtaking collections and installations breathe new life–and ideas–into what could be uniform and forgettable spaces. LASVIT’s team of blacksmiths, glassblowers, artisans, and designers combine the latest in technology, finest in craftsmanship, and best in artistic vision to produce functional and breathtaking additions that elevate the aesthetic of any space.

LASVIT’s adherence to tradition means that every lighting installation, glassware collection, and architectural glass wall is created following the hundreds of years old process of the glassworkers of Bohemia past. Customers can purchase from ready-made collections of items such as glassware, vases, or bowls, or commission art walls, chandeliers, or other bespoke lighting installations for their office or private residence. Winner of the 2018 Milano Design Award, LASVIT maintains a focus on telling the story connected to the location, making each exceptional piece highly personal and therefore, valuable in more ways than one. 

LASVIT’s newer projects are among their most exciting, providing modular options that can fit virtually any space. Fireborn, LASVIT’s light installation, is a flexible mixture of metal and glass, made to look as if it were created from the embers of a fire. Taking inspiration from the environs of a glass making workshop, Fireborn can be configured to add light, aesthetic, and dimension as a workable piece of art.  

In a nod to the future of technology and all things glass, LASVIT’s interior walls are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Impasto, taking its name from the painting technique of thick brush strokes, is accompanied by Curtain and Tapestry, rounding out LASVIT’s new architectural glass wall offerings. Luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants, or private homes could all benefit from the uses of these breathtaking functional art pieces. Whether used to create space, reduce noise pollution, or provide tasteful social distancing, LASVIT’s glass walls are sure to serve as a conversation starter. 

While the company is headquartered out of the Czech Republic, their most recently completed project sits a little closer to home. The Steinway Tower at 111 W. 57th St in Manhattan, recognized for both its height and width among other skyscrapers, was recently updated and renovated with the help of  LASVIT. At 1,428 feet, Steinway Tower is the 2nd tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Originally constructed over 100 years ago, Steinway Hall has hosted heralded pianists, such as Rachmaninoff, and was regarded as a sanctuary for pianists from around the world. The now renovated Steinway Tower includes 60 luxury apartments  spanning 84 stories. 

LASVIT’s contribution to restoring the historic building to its former glory included specific attention and design detail to invoke the Jazz Age aesthetic in which the Steinway Tower was erected. LASVIT’S glass makers replicated 1920s style lamps using only the original photographs as a style guide, and they exhibit the same extraordinary level of craftsmanship throughout the 30 pieces created for the Steinway Tower Project. Accompanying the work of interior architecture firm Studio Sofield, LASVIT began work on the project in 2016. LASVIT’s team of blacksmiths, glassblowers, and artisans envisioned and executed the 30 different lighting pieces, sculptures, and installations that invoke the resplendent glory of the original Steinway Tower. 

While recognized for their outstanding glasswork, the LASVIT team of designers decided to stretch their vision for The Steinway Tower Project and included pieces made of metal combined with their intricately laden glass pieces. Some of the standout installations for the Project include the vases in the porte cochere of the building. Each made of perfectly fused glass pieces, they serve as a stunning entranceway and shining example of the kind of design and care that LASVIT pours into each one of their creations. 

LASVIT’s mission to bring love and light through their work is achieved through the accessibility of their collections. From major renovation projects like The Steinway Tower to custom lighting installations for your home to a simple, stunning glass bowl, LASVIT has ensured that they can shine their light around the globe.