Leonardo Jewelers: The Hidden Gems of a Luxury Business

Nothing in this world is as timeless or impressive as the finest piece of jewelry; it never loses its value or shine, just like the acclaimed, family-owned business of Leonardo Jewelers. While investing in the luxurious market of high-end jewelry, you are simultaneously investing in the foundations of family and the exuding passion for top-tier quality that Leonardo Jewelers wholeheartedly offers.  

The renowned reputation of Leonardo Jewelers, currently operating in two secure locations of both Red Bank and Metuchen, New Jersey, first stems from Leonardo Zeik. Zeik epitomizes the desired American Dream and how a strong passion and commitment to a vision land you an opportunity for good fortune. As a Cuban Lebanese immigrant, Zeik launched his professional endeavors headfirst into the world of fine jewelry, admirably crafting his legacy from the ground up. First opening its doors in 1964, Zeik opened a storefront in Elizabeth, New Jersey, embarking on his fifty-six-year career path of success within the world of deluxe jewelry. Today, Zeik’s children, Vivian, Leo, and Ivette, proudly operate Leonardo Jewelers in their father’s name, providing the utmost warm and inviting client services all while welcoming you with open arms.

Over the years, Leonardo Zeik evolved relationships which granted him leverage in the prestigious industry of fine jewelry. Cultivating partnerships with reputable diamond cutters and gemstone houses are nothing short of the unparalleled services Leonardo Jewelers affords. Zeik also ventured to Europe, the world’s most profound manufacturer and exporter of fine jewelry, to procure the premium essence of Italian gold, tokening the sincere passion for quality that infuses his selection. With an astounding array of luxury watches to stunning engagement rings, Leonardo Jewelers continues to fuel their mission for impressive selections, keeping an eye peered for the most unique and exclusive pieces for their clients.

Designer brands claiming a prestigious position on the luxury jewelry market centralizing timeless pieces including, but not limited to, David Yurman, Rolex, and Breitling, accompany the official selection of Leonardo Jewelers. At their two locations, you will also find the highest quality of 18 karat gold and platinum pieces along with an extensive selection of Swiss timepieces which are crafted with the finest of raw materials. Leonardo Jewelers intricately exacts their standards by offering in-house, master jewelers for necessary repairs and custom creations, along with an in-house watch designer to individualize your creative preferences. Bound by the foundations of family and the expertise of luxury jewelry, there is no other way to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime other than investing with Leonardo Jewelers.

Servicing the New Jersey area for over fifty years in such a competitive market of luxury jewelry, Leonardo Jewelers takes pride in their ability to provide an exceptional experience for the customers they consider family, especially when making an investment to cherish for a lifetime. Whether you are on the market for high-end jewelry to commemorate a milestone or are simply seeking a unique piece that distinctly stands apart from all the rest, Leonardo Jewelers is committed to selling the finest pieces that will mark the moments as valuable and as timeless as their jewelry and services. After all, family, passion, and quality are the hidden gems of success which Leonardo Jewelers proudly translates into every transaction of their business.

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