Leonardo Jewelers: Welcoming you in like good friends into their home.

In 1964, Leonardo Zeik, founder of Leonardo Jewelers opened “Joyeria Leonardo” in Elizabeth, New Jersey. After fleeing communist Cuba with his wife and children in 1961, Leonardo Zeik embarked on a journey that continues, three generations later.

At the start, Leonardo provided jewelry as well as products that other immigrants coming to America would be needing like furniture and appliances. When the Latin population grew substantially in the Union County area, Leonardo began to see a demand for 18 karat gold jewelry, which was not easily available in the US. Jewelry is extremely valued in many cultures and is frequently used as a token to celebrate many occasions such as christenings and weddings. So, he flew to Europe to procure the finest gold in the world—Italian gold.

With a passion for quality and customer service, the family-run store grew and expanded into Red Bank in 1989. After 56 years, they closed one door in Elizabeth and ventured into Metuchen.

Customer relationships are incredibly important to the team at Leonardo Jewelers who have worked with successive generations from grandparent to grandchild throughout the years. General Manager, Paul Monteiro, and his father originally began coming to the store when Paul was a child searching for Christmas presents for his mother. Monteiro purchased from Leonardo for years, eventually purchasing his engagement ring there, marking yet another important moment with Leonardo Jewelers. With Monteiro now like family and seeing his sales success at UPS, Leonardo asked Paul if he would work for the store.

From luxury watches to jewelry and engagement rings, Leonardo continues to uphold their reputation for quality and are always in search of fresh, unique pieces for their customers. Today, Leonardo’s children, Vivian, Leo, and Ivette, own the store, and they continue to branch from the seeds their father planted for the business. Beginning work at the store from a young age, Vivian, Leo, and Ivette have poured their hearts and souls into Leonardo Jewelers honoring their father’s values. Their children work for them today, further expanding the family legacy.

While COVID-19 was a scary time for all businesses, the family aspect surrounding Leonardo Jewelers created a phenomenal support system to keep the business afloat and thriving. Losing some long-term employees to retirement during COVID-19, Leonardo Jewelers needed to bring in new staff members. The new group of hardworking individuals blended right into the team and stepped up to the plate when Leonardo Jewelers switched to taking phone and photo orders. Like many businesses, Leonardo Jewelers had to take an unconventional course during the pandemic and did home delivery so their customers could still memorialize special moments while everything seemed so uncertain. Paul Monteiro and other members of the team dedicated their time during the pandemic on improving their website. When Leonardo Jewelers was able to open again, they started with curbside deliveries before opening fully. Since so many people had to cancel trips throughout the pandemic, the team at Leonardo Jewelers felt as though people were treating themselves with more jewelry, setting the business up for success when it fully reopened.

In-store jewelry styles range from modern and fun to and elegant and classic and maintain a high standard of quality over multiple price ranges. From highly complicated timepieces to fine jewelry from a variety of superb designers, exceptional choices are always found at Leonardo Jewelers. They also have in-house master jewelers for repairs and custom work, as well as an in-house watchmaker.

Family and excellence are embedded in the Leonardo Jewelers heritage. The team loves being a part of the happiest moments of their customers’ lives, sharing in their customers’ important milestones. For the past 60 years, Leonardo Jewelers has been turning customers into life-long friends and has built a team that is or feels like family. Through this tradition, Leonardo Jewelers has built a village of support and happiness through their impressive jewelry collections and graceful customer service. As their client base continues to grow, it is evident that trust is the foundation of this jeweler, and that each piece sold will mark wonderful memories and moments.


665 Middlesex Ave #125, Metuchen, NJ 1-732-549-7880

35 E Front St, Red Bank, NJ 1-732-747-7880