The Fuksas Collection: Is Molas Italian Villas

Ancient Italian Culture Inspires New Fuksas Italian Villas


The Italian island territory of Sardinia has recently unveiled an ‘ancient’ treasure and revolutionized the landscape with a renaissance of modern architecture commissioned from the minds of the illustrious Is Molas Golf Resort. Premiering this summer, a new culmination architectural prowess infused with geological wonder, located in the capital city of Cagliari: The ‘Fuksas Collection’, named after world-renown architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Sardinia Island itself remains an enduring monument; the timeless host to many natural testaments of Neolithic history. The most famous of these natural structures are the ‘Nuraghe’, dilapidated towers infused with the cascading landscape which litter the island, as well as a multitude of other phenomenon lost to the annals of written history.



Architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

The concept behind the Fuksas Collection sought to compliment and embolden the land with marvelous innovation emanating from within the natural landscape, rather than perturb or destroy it in lieu of artifice. The result – a picturesque living environment-turned-community reminiscent of ‘the Shire’ from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings epic come to reality.


What can one expect from this Island paradise? State-of-the-art 18-hole golf course personally overseen and designed by legendary Golf Hall-of-Famer Gary Player? Check. Five-star Is Molas Resort hotel for vacationers? Check. Unobstructed views of the glistening Mediterranean Sea, overlooking the exclusive private residential beach club? Check. Mind-and-body amenities including a formidable sports facilities center and rejuvenating spa? Absolutely. In addition, the community is surrounded by hand-selected shopping boutiques and five-star quality restaurants. Whether you choose to visit or are apt to invest in permanent residence, rest assured that you will be in great company. Sardinia itself has regularly hosted a wealth of celebrities from Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio to eight-time Grammy award winning artist Rihanna and many more. And who could blame them, as it’s one of the few regions in the world who’s latitude from the equator entails comfortable weather conditions year-round.

 Is Molas Resort Spa Design

It is also home to the famous Costa Smeralda (The Emerald Coast), which boasts regular oceanside boating events and regular patrol from an exclusive series of superyachts, hailing in from around the world. Italy is known for its passion for the arts and Cagliari is no exception; visitors are at the junction of its many museums, galleries, performances and theater productions. While the western world marvels at its ever-expanding goliath cityscapes, one unfortunate caveat is that we become entombed in our very monuments, increasingly disjointed from the natural world. Living in the Fuksas-collection villas will provide the best proponents of both worlds: innovation from the interior, networks of foliage and vinery overlooking millennia-old structural terrain on the exterior.

Massimiliano Fuksas has designed the homes with family in mind, with four luxury classifications that start with the spacious five-bedroom six-bathroom suite (Villa Palas) which houses (8,611 sq. ft.) of stone paved surface, an endearing patio space (4,844 sq. ft.), a massive multi-purpose study or fitness room, and a spacious terrace (2,150 sq ft.). The most modest accommodation on the opposite end of the spectrum would be the Villa Arenada – A two-bedroom, three-bathroom villa with a 968-square-foot terrace; (1,184 sq. ft.) of stone-paved patio; and a (430 sq. ft.) pool, ideal for the successful power-couple.