Luxury Hotel: The Roxy

The Roxy isn’t just a hotel, the whole premise is staying like a local. I am no native New Yorker, but I truly felt at peace within the sacred walls of The Roxy with all of its luxury amenities. Within its small compounds, the luxury hotel packs in an atmosphere that everyone wants to go to and will most definitely enjoy. From the cocktail lounge to the cinema, and lastly, their jazz club, Django, I don’t think anyone that stays at The Roxy really sleeps because who would want to miss a beat.

Location Location Location

Much like Harold Samuel, The luxury hotel in NYC, The Roxy, believes the biggest attraction is location. The Roxy resides in its own gorgeous corner in Tribeca where fame meets fortune. Tribeca in New York is similar to the wealth and feel of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

With small shops and luxury boutiques, we understand why The Roxy is known as a luxury hotel. It may also help that The Roxy shares a zip code with famous celebrities like Robert De Niro and Beyonce.

One of Many Spectacular Views

 Oh The Things You’ll Do 

To the natural eye, The Roxy looks like an old-timey theatre, but don’t let the outside fool you. Though the luxury hotel does in fact have an in-house theatre that guests can rent out for private movie showings, this luxury hotel has much more. Once you walk through the doors, you are immediately thrown back into what feels to be a modern-day 1930’s. 

The Roxy Cocktail Lounge

The Roxy Oyster Bar

As you pass reception, you can easily see and feel like you are present in the cocktail lounge with pianists and saxophone players. Right in the middle of the luxury hotel, The Roxy is not only their stage but unique and comfortable velvet chairs to enjoy not only the show but the cocktails and food The Roxy has to offer.

Unlike any other luxury hotel, there is a specially designed oyster bar for all your lunch and dinner needs. You will be sure to enjoy their occasional wine and oysters for a truly exquisite dining experience. Or if you’re like me,  even though you’re staying at a luxury hotel doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in an impeccable bowl of mac and cheese. If you have the occasional sweet tooth by chance, you can always get a sorbet or apple pie delivered to your room for all those late-night cravings.

The Roxy also offers their guests a weekend brunch menu for all their pancake or french toast needs, and I honestly believe two days a week isn’t enough time to experience their fantastic brunch options!

The Rooms

The Roxy One Bedroom Suite

The dining experience isn’t the only thing immaculate about the luxury hotel, but so are their rooms and suites that overlook New York’s most incredible views. The modern art deco and 1930’s designs in the room are aesthetically pleasing, and guests feel at home and comfortable while also being stylish. Options in rooms at the luxury hotel vary from the penthouse suite to a superior king, having numerous opportunities for all their guests to have a luxury vacation or staycation in the city. We know the room isn’t all that matters or where you’ll be during your stay, but The Roxy knows how to design a space that makes you never want to leave. 

Much like New York, the luxury hotel, The Roxy follows their own beat, and obviously, it’s working! We can assure you, and you’ve never stayed at a hotel like this one. So, enjoy your inner jazz self and reserve a room at the luxury hotel, and you’ll see what we mean.


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