Luxury Beauty Treatments – Indulge in Ultimate Pampering

With the hectic lives we experience today, the stress often carries itself deep into our bodies, thus creating a need to unwind and indulge in a lavish beauty treatment. And if you’re a firm believer in the phrase “you get what you pay for”, these seemingly unconventional, yet extravagant beauty treatments are sure to satisfy. From diamond manicures to liquid gold facials, these luxury beauty treatments use hi-end and rich ingredients and techniques to rejuvenate and transform. For those interested in a more opulent way to blissfully treat yourself, may we suggest indulging in one of these luxury beauty treatments.

luxury beauty treatments

White Diamond Manicure – $1,000,000
If Azature’s $250,000 black diamond manicure caught your attention, then their exorbitant $1,000,000 white diamond manicure will stop you in your tracks. Considered the most expensive nail treatment in the world, this polish contains 98 carats of broken Azature white diamonds, crushed into a premium nail varnish, coating your nails in reflective radiance. Seen on celebrities like Toni Braxton and Kelly Osbourne, this one of a kind manicure is for the most self-indulgent in society with a pretty pocket.

Bee Venom Mask – $55,200
The bee venom mask was introduced to the world by renowned skin specialist Deborah Mitchell, best known for using this treatment on Kate Middleton. The entire bottle itself only contains 1% bee venom and a single drop is mixed with ingredients such as shea butter and lavender oil. Used as an alternative to botox, this application is both painless and can even be done at home by purchasing a personal sized jar at $112.

luxury beauty treatmentsHD Ruby and Diamond Peel – $7,000 
If you’re in the market for a luxurious skin treatment, rich in worth and ingredients, California renowned aesthetician, Scott Vincent- Borba. can provide to your needs with his ruby and diamond facial . This bejeweled facial peel, not only serves as a form of decadence, but has added health benefits also. The rubies work as an antioxidant for the skin and also promote good blood circulation, while the diamonds are used to invigorate and stimulate skin cells. Once the jewels have exfoliated the skin, a lactic peel is then applied to assist in the regeneration cells. An innovative way to drape yourself in rubies and diamonds.

Vaser Shape Body Treatment – $3,100
Beginning at about $500 (per area), Vaser’s body-contouring treatment will have your skin brighter, smoother and more firm, without cosmetic surgery. Using ultrasound and massage therapy techniques, Vaser works to smooth the appearance of skin by  increasing the blood flow and overall circulation. This treatment reduces both fat and cellulite from unwanted or stubborn areas a person cannot target from working out. Results are typically seen after 3-5 sessions.

Oriental Harmony Massage – $870
Bask in glory of personalized pampering at The Spa in the  Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York. Offering a nearly two hour massage session, this unique massage utilizes dual sets of hands to relax your body from head to toe.  A calming foot bath and body scrub, features two massage therapists working together to balance and rejuvenate your body and mind. The treatment finishes with a simultaneous head and foot massage, that will clear your mind, balance your body and have you feeling recharged.

luxury beauty treatments24K Gold Facial – $500
Indulging yourself with a 24K gold facial could be the key to turning back the age clock. Not only is the gold element one of the most expensive in the world, it also is now used to lift and firm skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and can even decrease the appearance of sun damage or age spots. This extravagant experience can be found at the upscale Santa Fe Day Spa, located in the Eldorado Hotel.