MaLuKa Boutique Launches Their New Private Collection

MaLuKa Boutique Launches Their New Private Collection


Last week, MaLuKa Boutique of Wyckoff, NJ celebrated the launch of their new private collection, Virginia Wolf NYC. The cocktail party included snacks, drinks, and family and friends of the owners, Marcy, her sister LuLu (Lindsay), and their cousin Kari.
MaLuKa Boutique Launches Their New Private CollectionMaLuKa, a combination of the three owners names, opened in 2006, and the family team has been providing Bergen County with the latest in fashion and accessories ever since. They find the newest and most talented designers each season, and hand pick the products to put in their store, from dresses to jewelry.

Virginia Wolf is the team’s newest venture, with the label launching nationwide this spring. They have recently been picked up by multiple stores around the county, as well as a store in Vancouver and one in Australia. The collection includes clothing for the modern fashionista, from simple tees to beachwear. MaLuKa Boutique Launches Their New Private Collection

Some of the pieces from both the collection and MaLuKa boutique go to the sisters non-profit organization as well. The W. Cary Edwards Foundation was created in honor of their father, an attorney, who accomplished much throughout his years working and living in Bergen County. Because Edwards accomplished so much from his years of schooling, the sisters set up a foundation to bring people and schools together to improve education for New Jersey’s youth and future leaders.

You can shop online for both stores and collections, and learn more about the W. Cary Edwards Foundation and what you can do to help.


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