Men’s Summer Style with SWIMS

As we get ready to kick-off summer 2018 with Memorial Day Weekend, many of us (me in particular) are scrambling to find new additions for our summer wardrobes. The tricky part is–when it comes to being active in warm weather–finding items that are both practical and classy. In search of this balanced style we discovered SWIMS, a lifestyle brand born in Oslo, Norway back in 2006. And although their concept was developed from the temperature variance Norwegians face–we can certain relate to that here in the Northeastern US.

The brand itself, aptly named SWIMS, would lead you to guess that they love water (and you’d be right). Incorporating this element into the fabric of their design conception is a big part of what makes SWIMS such an internationally appealing brand. Their core philosophy is all about bringing function and timeless style together, while staying true to quality and superior design. Over the last ten years, SWIMS has gotten more colorful and vibrant than ever before–which is why we feel this men’s (and women’s) lifestyle brand is a perfect fit for summer–whether you’re by the pool with family or spending a weekend in The Hamptons. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Portland Vest

Ideal for those cool summer mornings on the lake but still classy enough to work an outfit around, the Portland Vest is remarkably light and can even work as an insulator beneath a heavier coat in the winter.

24 Hour Holdall

Designed for overnight getaways, the 24 Hour Holdall–made in a durable, water-resistant luxe nylon with leather handles–is a minimalist’s dream that adds just the right amount of sophistication.

Stride Lace Loafer

The Stride Lace Loafer blends classic design with modern detailing. This stylish loafer features a non-marking rubber outsole with an advanced ventilation and drainage system for those active summer days.


The Paloma is a true hybrid, capable of taking you anywhere from the ocean to a summer luncheon. Due to the fact that the fabric does not soak, it has the appearance of a Chino–which also means the colors don’t fade over time. The Paloma also comes with an adjustable ban for swimming.

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