Mexico Private Homes at One&Only Mandarina

One of Mexico’s most popular destinations is somehow, ironically, also its least explored. A 200-mile stretch of coastline known as Riviera Nayarit—about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta—is as diverse as they come, comprised of mountain ranges, swimmable seas, volcanic craters and tropical jungles. Travelers from all over the world come to walk the streets of boho beach towns, surf the swell and revel in its archaeological offerings, but few stay long enough to celebrate its storied past or play a part in its future. Mandarina, Mexico’s luxe resort and residential property, was designed to do just that.

Mexico Private Homes

“Mandarina is home to one of the last remaining tropical, beachfront jungles in Mexico, which makes it the most significant resort and residential development to grace the shores of Mexico in decades,” explained Ricardo Santa Cruz, founding partner of Mandarina and RSC President.

The $1 billion property began its initial planning 10 years ago and today, features two hotel properties known as One&Only Mandarina and Rosewood Mandarina, as well as soon-to-be Mexico private homes Rosewood Residences and One&Only Private Homes.

The One&Only branded residences are the company’s first and only ownable villas throughout the world—a step in a new direction from their simply extravagant vacation properties. Designed by Rick Joy Architects, each one of the 55 villas at One&Only Private Homes are architecturally unique, meant to capture the most idyllic views possible from every vantage point.

Mexico Private Homes

Floor plans for the villas range from four, five and eight-bedrooms at 7,500 to 13,500 square feet, costing anywhere between $4 million and $12 million. “Today’s luxury home buyer is focused on location, lifestyle, and privacy,”  said Santa Cruz. “Owning at One&Only Mandarina offers a lifestyle of unforgettable experiences with a remarkable destination to call home.”

The surge in buying Mexico private homes stems from the transition to resort stays versus residences, where lodging options for the latter can easily accommodate larger families or impress discerning travelers. At Mandarina, they’re offering guests a chance to actually own and preserve a piece of Riviera Nayarit’s heritage, one that cannot be replicated.

Aside from location, what makes the Mandarina development so special are the array of amenities in which it offers, mimicking a kind of luxury lifestyle essence that has yet to be seen on Mexico’s Western shores.

Located on Mandarina’s flatlands, the Polo & Equestrian Club is a world-class facility featuring two arenas, tournament-sized polo fields, clubhouse, pro lounge and shop. Guests of all ages are encouraged to gather, learn, practice and compete. Also located within the flatlands is their on-site farm which features local fruits and vegetables, as well as an authentic farm-to-table restaurant.

Mexico Private Homes
The One&Only Spa offers open-air treatment rooms, in line with their holistic and nature-driven approach to wellness. Take a dip in the plunge pool, practice yoga on the palapa or indulge in a massage underneath a canopy of trees.

And every night, as tribute, guests can venture over to The Jetty at sunset to catch a glimpse of fire burning across the sea, symbolizing the center of a long-dormant volcano in which Mandarina sits today.

“Properties like Mandarina allow buyers and travelers from around the globe to celebrate life with those that matter and make lifelong memories in a place where natural wonder abounds and all of life’s every need is at your fingertips.”