Mobile Mansion: The eleMMent

By Loannie Dao

Imagine cruising through a picturesque countryside in an RV equipped with everything you need for those long hauls. But for the first time, the characteristics of yachting, aviation and motor-sports have been merged together into a single vehicle, albeit for a lustrous $3 million price tag. 

This exorbitant vehicle is the product of Marchi Mobile, an Austrian manufacturer of luxury motorhomes based in Vienna. Founded and named after the former trucking giant Mario Marchi, the automotive brand is the very embodiment of high luxury. The company itself however, produces far more than just RV’s, they also offer a mobile health clinic and a stunning cab design for semi-trucks. But when it comes to notoriety, Marchi Mobile’s release of the eleMMent is what solidifies their spot atop the luxury RV market.

the eleMMentThe eleMMent is built on a Volvo chassis and powered by a Volvo 6-cylinder inline engine. Its breadth spans 732 square feet of space, equivalent to two school buses set side by side. The trucking technology behind the stunning frame is essential to the amount of materials that the eleMMent is expected tow. During the design phase, only a small number of companies and partners were selected to collaborate with Marchi Mobile in the creation of this lavish wheelhouse. In doing so, a hefty cargo of marble, rose gold, and extravagant fittings were embedded into the final finish. 

The design philosophy of the eleMMent dates back far beyond traditional automotive design. The company is still heavily inspired by Luigi Colani, a German industrial designer, who authored the design philosophy for the brand. His aesthetic is synonymous with the prime characteristic of his designs. The rounded and organic forms which he termed “biodynamic” are infused into vehicles for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, BMW, and now Marchi Mobile. 

“Our new ‘eleMMent’ embodies everything Marchi Mobile stands for: Exclusivity, the highest technological standard, and a spectacular design,” Marchi Mobile President Mario Marchi said in a recent release. Known as the “mobile mansion” by patrons of vehicular design, the eleMMent is equipped with a second-story lounge that rises out from the vehicle’s main frame. The automatic lift system displays a layout that is brimming with everything a luxury RV can ask for—extendable lounge sofa, beverage refrigerator, wine cabinet, coffee machine, floor heating, and  TV. In addition to its many well-thought-out features, the eleMMent also offers a master bedroom that is anything but ordinary. The wooden headboard reveals an intricate design and a tufted wall which complements the bed which is fit for any royal family.

the eleMMent
Along with an abundance of storage space, the RV features a bathroom with a rain shower, rose gold fittings, a fully outfitted kitchenette, and a continuous air circulation system that optimizes air quality. The driver’s cockpit features rotating leather chairs, a panoramic windshield, and a Multimedia Interface (MMI) control instrumentation inspired by aviation consoles. With a diesel-powered motor and a performance exceeding 500 HP, the eleMMent is surprisingly quiet. The vehicle’s technology allows it to reduce noise pollution and meet the most recent emission standards, providing occupants with a comfortable travel experience.

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