All-Natural Trend Welcomes American Harvest Organic Vodka

All-Natural Trend Welcomes American Harvest Organic Vodka

Organic advocates care deeply about the source of their food, whether the chickens they’re purchasing are free-range or whether chemical ingredients are added are topics of great significance. While the organic phase was once a trend, it has become an essential part of our world (and products) today. Yet the beverage industry has—with the exception of a few brands—not yet been brought up to speed with the established organic trend, at least until now. Luckily, organic spirits and cocktails are making their way to the front lines.

Organic vodka is approaching the mainstream and American Harvest Organic Vodka is seeing to it. American Harvest Organic Vodka is handcrafted in small batches from American wheat and distilled with 100 percent certified organic ingredients. The American-made organic vodka was developed for the all-natural conscious consumer, distilled with wheat from a single-family farm and water from the Snake River Water basin, a protected water source. The combination of natural ingredients and American wheat contributes to the crisp, clean, and slightly sweet flavor of this distinctive vodka.

Recently, Beach Whiskey Company, a national spirits company with two distinct flavored whiskeys already available including Island Coconut and Bonfire Cinnamon, acquired the American Harvest Organic Vodka. Sidney Frank Importing Company (SFIC) first launched American Harvest Organic Vodka in 2011, which grew to national fame by 2014. When SFIC was acquired by Jägermeister of Germany in 2015, the Frank family retained ownership of the brand, but it had lost momentum in the transition. Today, the Beach Whiskey Company plans to continue the simple and natural organic vodka with American Harvest Organic Vodka creator, Bill Henderson, as present Chief Marketing Officer of Beach Whiskey. American Harvest Organic Vodka will be returning to your favorite bars, restaurants, and liquor stores nationwide this summer.


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