New Jersey Estate: Mosle Manor

Atop a wooded New Jersey plateau overlooking more than 10 scenic acres, Mosle Manor, is one of the great estates in the Garden State.

Designed by Gail Whiting back in 2006, the Mendham Township home is known for its meticulous detail; Whiting herself is the founder and creative driving force behind Design Consultants, a luxury design firm located in New Jersey. Whiting is a passionate and talented interior designer, certified by both the NCIDQ and State of NJ. The services provided by her firm, Design Consultants, are both limitless and encompassing, as shown through the design of Mosle Manor.

This custom-designed home offers both quality and character with its spacious rooms, exquisite detailing, hand-crafted angles, beautiful floors and large all-glass window, providing the ultimate luxury home. 

As one enters the mansion, an impressive driveway winds through a curved alley of stately trees on the way to a grand entrance with the utmost privacy. Stone walls and majestic trees surround lush gardens, the likes of which have been nationally awarded and recognized. A high and open vista provides stunning, panoramic views.

A walk inside the luxury mansion features beautifully crafted angles which help convey an open floor plan. Whiting explained how she designed the home with angles to help create an effortless flow,while still holding a sense of intimacy in the various spaces (which can be difficult to accomplish given a home of this scope). 

Nevertheless, Mosle Manor’s design is seamless, each room proceeding the last. The main living space was created with these lovely angles which allows each room to flow into one another. The state-of-the-art kitchen is able to flow right off from the dining room and the family room which features a hand-carved limestone fireplace and 10-foot coffered ceilings.

A richly-paneled library is also featured on the main floor and includes custom sconces to illuminate the bookcases and a one-of-a kind desk perfect for enjoying a book. “When you’re standing in the kitchen, because of the angles, you’re able to look through the dining room all the way to the library and see a painting that is hung on the wall,” Whiting said.

Huge expansive windows were strategically placed on the main level allowing easy access for light to brighten the home, and the windows overlook the beautiful in-ground swimming area outside. It doesn’t just stop there. As one makes their way downstairs, the lower level features a wine connoisseur’s cellar with space for over 3,000 vintages. The lower level can also be used for an exercise room or yoga studio with a slate lobby and large sliding glass doors.

Whiting explained how her design success comes from her ability to interpret the client and think creatively, paying strict attention to detail while creating unique and sophisticated environments. “You always want someone to come into your home and feel warm and invited, and then appreciate the various elements that you’ve created in the space,” Whiting said. 

This gorgeous property located at 123 Mosle Road in Mendham Township, New Jersey, is currently listed for sale with a price tag at 2,600,000.  If you’re interested in Mosle Manor you can contact Jessica Nelson from Liberty Realty at 1-646-943-3879 or