NJ-Pros Recognize U.S.A. Veterans

On February 7th, 1,000 tickets will be donated to all current members of the military and veterans to attend an NJ-Pros game at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, the first showcase game of 2017. NJ-Pros is the only independent professional basketball team in New Jersey. Game-day activities include live performances, celebrity guests, giveaways and much more. To give back to our youth and military, NJ-Pros teamed up with BOOTS UP, a non-profit charity working to repay veterans. BOOTS UP’s vision is for our nation to work together to repay those who have sacrificed and served our country.

unnamedTheir unique goal is to make connections through employment, education and mentorship to create a positive impact on the American economy. NJ-Pros will donate all proceeds to BOOTS UP and NJ-Pros Cares Programs. The NJ-Pros are deeply committed to empowering the lives of children throughout the world. They have partnered with many businesses and nonprofit organizations to provide a number of free youth camps and clinics while enabling them to donate school supplies and necessities to many unprivileged children. NJ-Pros encourage children to have pride, set goals, and obtain a good education to be the best person they can strive to be.

logoCivilians are welcomed to come and support the event by choosing from a selection of limited time offers only. For example, with the purchase of a Commerative wristband for $30, you will also receive a free lower level seat ticket. For those purchasing a limited edition hat for the event ($55), you will receive a free VIP court seat ticket.


If you are a current military member or veteran email info@NewJerseyPros.com or call (973)-930-2244 to claim your free general admission