What if the future of the housing market meant going smaller, instead of bigger? In terms of buying a home—especially one with a generous price tag—one expects living quarters of grandiose proportion, a defining and tangible characteristic of an affluent lifestyle. But could less actually be more? Those are the types of questions Christopher Burch, entrepreneur and co-founder of Cocoon9, took into consideration when reimagining luxury living inside of a 480-square-foot space.


Cocoon9 Studio – Photo by Steven Chen

“Cocoons are plug-and-play houses with the sophisticated features of a custom home or luxe resort, with three different floor plans that elevate a modest home layout into a functional yet refined living environment,” Burch explained. Without having to compromise style for space, Cocoons are the solution for those looking to live minimally and sustainably while keeping the same high-end finishes and smart technology found throughout many modern homes. Delivered to clients on-site, fully assembled and ready-to-go in just four months, Cocoons allow homeowners the freedom to live without constraints, in any destination they desire. “The Cocoons are designed for people who value both form and function at a luxury level. When a prospective buyer sees a Cocoon for the first time, many creative opportunities come to mind: a pool house, a second home on a vacation property, a guest cottage or a home office. We like to think our Cocoon houses will fit into every environment, whether it be urban communities or rural living.”


Cocoon9 Cabin – Photo by Genevieve Garruppo

Investing in a Cocoon puts buyers in total control, with three different layout options (cabin, studio or lite 20) starting at $75,000 for 160 square feet and up to $225,000 for 480 square feet. Add-on features include an app-controlled entertainment system, swivel tv, transparent ethanol fireplace, a smart-glass shower window and hidden casework that folds away furniture and conceals storage space. Burch went on to explain that when it comes to Cocoon9’s aesthetic, combining thoughtful design with innovative technology plays an integral role in appealing to the luxury market. “I have always been fond of great design. It is what inspires many of my investments and projects. I especially look for opportunities that combine high-design with smart technology. This seems natural for prefab homes.”


Cocoon9 Studio – Photo by Genevieve Garruppo

In order to elevate the modular home living experience, Cocoon9 uses materials such as carbon stranded bamboo siding, white lacquered and bamboo walls, matte or gloss-finished cabinetry, and flooring in cerused oak or vinyl with an oak grain. Utilizing these unconventional yet eye-catching materials not only results in a one-of-a-kind product, it also makes the homes environmentally friendly, a small detail that Burch considers crucial. “With sophisticated fabrication and fixtures that make the space versatile and economical, and carbon footprint reducing options like solar panels, we are addressing the future of how people live. Consumers continue to become more conscious about the utilization of space and want to incorporate eco-friendly features into their homes.” Whether retreating to the forest, city, or your own backyard, Cocoons are built to assimilate to their surroundings, fitted with nine-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the viewing experience and balance the illusion of more space within the home.

Cocoons, however, are not limited to just one unit or residential living. Burch explained that the company has plans on expanding. “We have had requests for proposals for two- and three-unit residential designs, as well as community and resort developments that require multiple, duplicate units.” Cocoons are able to be shipped internationally for orders of 10 or more, which is ideal for creating a hospitality environment or resort-style experience. But regardless of what size home or where one might end up, Burch emphasized that the one thing that can’t be disputed is an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and an eye for design. “We see the future of Cocoon as the solution for any opportunity where small space and substantial style can converge.”