Outdoor Living: Backyard Luxury

By Loannie Dao

As spring approaches, we continue to see a lot of homeowners connect with designers in order to reinvent their backyard spaces. Trends of late include clean lines and a variety of  sophisticated yet simplistic water features. Many of these projects borrow design concepts from modern, classic and natural aesthetics. When it comes to a luxury outdoor space, it’s important to remember that functionality is every bit as important as style. With so many people looking forward to entertaining at home this season, we explored the methods of both landscape and pool design professionals and how the two concepts come together to create ideal outdoor living.

Organic Oasis

Designer: Borst Landscapingc5ce5011-8e81-4ce0-879f-f2dfaa386310

In this New Jersey yard, designers from Borst Landscaping established different levels of elevation, creating a dramatic view from the house looking down into the pool. Since the yards inception, the team at Borst emphasized the yard’s shape by incorporating stonework and a pool with curves. The masonry, coupled with the lustrous green wall that surrounds the perimeter of the property, creates a very organic look that is as optimal for the yard’s character as it is for privacy. These elements help transform the yard into a more intimate entertaining/family setting with clean lines and easy access.

6d0feaf4-3aec-4830-b544-de5053c09f8fThe yards sizable deck on deck pool is a free form pool with an automatic shell, allowing the homeowners to cover the pool for safety. The pool’s waterfall overlooks the entire yard, which is also a platform for diving.

Given the importance of spending time with family and friends, the lounging area is equipped with an entertainment center, an outdoor fireplace, and a full bar. The yard’s spacious outdoor kitchen, which is lined with stainless steel countertops, is as optimal for storage as it is for hosting.

Contemporary Mosaic

Designer: Lehmann Pools

0de38d68-16f3-49db-bb98-b93a7be838f5Imagine walking through your back doors to a sweeping view of water brimming into a decadent lagoon. This local perimeter-overflow pool is a classic shape with a subtle uniqueness. Professionals at Lehmann Pools & Spas worked with landscape architects to create a pool where water flows level with the stone deck, giving it a modern and streamlined feel. The design team highlights the pool with mosaic tiles, covering its entire surface. Resembling a monolithic structure, the spa and jacuzzi are set above with the same assortment of tiles, giving one the visual sensation that it is floating. Covered in elegant stone walkways and a bright color scheme, the pool area is the focal point of this luxury yard.e3a8651a-083c-47c5-b9ac-4e680b67ab5c

In addition to their artistic approach, the design was inspired by energy efficiency. This overflow pool uses two half horsepower specialty pumps (a total of one horsepower), as opposed to the eight to ten horsepower most contractors work with. Though Lehmann Pools was established in 1918, the team has an eye for contemporary designs that are as visual as they are energy efficient. Victor Lehmann, Owner and President, explained, “We’re always looking for a challenge, something that is unique. Anybody can create a unique swimming pool, but to make it work and come together is our specialty.”