Party ‘nBox by Shelli Stelmak

Coined “Queen of Exquisite Style” for her impeccable event planning services, Shelli Stelmak has embarked on a new party-planning journey, Party ‘nBox, that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Since 2004, Shelli Stelmak has been planning events for celebrities, influencers and everyone in between through her company, Your Party, Planned! Prior to event planning, Stelmak worked in property and asset management which required the same eye for detail and maintenance of elegance as event planning, setting her up for success. Shelli has always been the “go-to” person for advice on events, fashion and style, which contributed to her nickname and the expanding success of her party planning services.

When Stelmak first began event planning, she was mainly helping out friends as a favor. One day Allan Janoff the owner of Crystal Plaza advised that she should not be giving away her talent for free and should be an event planner full time. Shelli never believed she could actually get paid to do what she really loved. It took Allan to tell her this for her to realize she could make a living out of it.  Thus, her career as an event planner was launched!

When it comes to her personal style, Shelli Stelmak prefers clean lines and modern decor, but when it comes to her event planning, she ensures that the client’s vision always remains themost important factor. From weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs, to corporate events, Stelmak spends as much time as possible with the client to create a completely personal and custom event. Quality always comes before quantity and Stelmak is devoted to making her client’s dreams come true within their budget.

As an event planner, COVID was a scary time for both Stelmak and her clients. Not knowing what to do and wanting to see the party continue, Stelmak searched for ways to facilitate a party while in quarantine and being socially distanced. This dilemma created the introduction of Party ‘nBox, the ultimate unboxing party experience. Containing elegant goodies, personalized and themed items in the boxes, a custom party is created and sent right to your door. The luxury party-filled boxes can include anything from a fondant cake and designer candles, to champagne flutes and impeccable balloon arrangements. Party ‘nBox allowed for birthdays and special milestones to be celebrated from afar, and took Zoom parties to a whole new level. Party ‘nBox also offers to send a video of the reaction of the recipient to the sender, taking the experience to new heights of happiness.

Everything inside of a Party ‘nBox comes from high-end bakeries on the east coast to fashion and merchandise from around the world. A new service that Party ‘nBox introduced is a gender reveal box, bringing even more smiles into even more homes. Shelli Stelmak’s love for fashion has inspired her newest Chanel-inspired box, part of her popular Designer Inspired series, which features a real Chanel twill scarf, Sugarfina Champagne Bubbles Candy, and exquisite serving pieces among other standard Party ‘nBox elements to have a decadent party at home. . Party ‘nBox also offers corporate boxes that are custom to the company. Many realtors will send a Party ‘nBox to their clients as a thank you for purchasing their home from them. A holiday box will soon be added for the upcoming season.

As her father, who had been in the military, passed away in 2020,, Shelli Stelmak partnered up with Rock Our Vets to honor and support those who have defended our country. 100% of the donations for Rock Our Vets goes to the actual veterans and their families, along with supplies and vocational training.

Through her eye for style, passion for fashion and peers in the major fashion world, Shelli Stelmak has been able to create a completely unique brand and continues to uphold exquisite event planning services. Her love for the happiness her services and boxes bring her clients keeps Stelmak going and has expanded her brand. Always keeping in mind the current trends and the client’s vision, Shelli Stelmak has proved herself to be the “Queen of Exquisite Style”.


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