Paramus Welcomes Luxury Furniture Showroom, Peradesign

After spending years in the furniture business, Fort Lee resident Eris Alkan decided that it was finally time to open up a store of his own. Peradesign, named after the fashion district of Istanbul, is Alkan’s interpretation of a modern furniture showroom, as beautiful and luxurious on the outside, as the items found on the inside.

Located on Route 17 in Paramus, Peradesign first opened its doors in November of 2016 after undergoing a grueling construction process. Coming in at 8,000 square feet, the exterior is made up of natural wood panels that are specially coated, and had to be meticulously placed in order to create the angled, multi-dimensional look. And what ended up costing Alkan more time and money than originally expected, it was worth it for the now signature and attention-grabbing appearance of the storefront.



Distinguishing themselves from the recent uprising of furniture stores in the Paramus area, everything at Peradesign is imported from Turkey, Alkan’s native country, and has a distinct upscale quality that Alkan believes people in the U.S. haven’t seen before. Peradesign partners with top furniture manufacturers and designers in Turkey who all share the same passion for traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist. Also, almost everything found inside the showroom is exclusive to Peradesign, ensuring customers that this furniture can’t be found just anywhere. Standout pieces included furniture with rounded edges and the mixing of materials such as solid wood, veneer, leather and metal.

While Peradesign has been open and business has been booming for a few months now, Alkan expressed that the official grand opening will be held sometime in April. In the meantime, for more information, visit their website and make sure to look out for their editorial on home accents in the upcoming Design & Real Estate issue of VUE.