Parisian Style at Perlei Salon

Paris meets Hollywood, a classic look with a twist of glamour. The luxurious ambiance of Perlei Salon in Wayne, New Jersey makes this design concept Oscar-worthy.

I had the honor of designing a very unique salon, one that has never been done before. Perlei Salon in Wayne is known for its luxurious setting, its European décor, high-end hair products and exceptional service from an adoring staff. Couple the salon’s artistry with a space all to your own and it’s a party! 

Ivory, black and white are the front-runners for this venue creating a harmonious balance between the two busiest areas. Lighting is just as important here, as the soft bulb chandeliers brighten up the space, complementing the beauty of every face that peeks at their reflection. 

To differentiate the service stations, one side is lined up with black seating, as the walls are filled with different types of antique black and gilded mirrors. The hair service area is lined with ivory seating, oversized single station vanities and mirrors giving this salon a homier aesthetic. 

“I find myself calling it, European Glamour—that classic-meets-modern feel. I love everything about a traditional-styled lighting fixture mixed with more contemporary finishes,” said Perlei Salon owner Linsey Barbuto.

To name a few of Perlei’s private offerings, they include day of bridal, day before blow-outs and settings, bachelorette beauty parties, baby showers and sprinkles and birthday glam events. What’s more, Perlei partners with highly-vetted, extremely professional and personally recommended service providers to join in the party and provide additional services. Our favorites are a nail artist, a registered nurse who specializes in Botox and fillers, organic spray tan experts, makeup artistry and more.

Perlei Salon is proud of these private party offerings and knows women and their gal pals can rest assured that the next party they host will be one for the ages.

The space was designed by Vanessa Deleon: