Playa Largo Ocean Residences

Located on the upper Florida Keys is the island of Key Largo, it is just one hour away from Miami and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful water found within the U.S. We visited the Playa Largo Ocean Residences, an extension of the Playa Largo Resort, where we enjoyed a week of seclusion in paradise.

The Florida Keys has attracted travelers from all walks of life and has been called home by captains of industry and artists alike. Comparable to Hawaii or the Caribbean islands, the cities within the upper portion of the archipelago are only a short drive from Miami. The historic homes that frame the coastline offer kitschy art hubs, historic charm, and the freedom to enjoy nature as soon as you step out of the door.

The Playa Largo Ocean Residences, an extension of the Playa Largo Resort, is a collection of private homes that can be reserved for large family getaways, group trips, or for those who want more than a regular hotel room. Guests of the resort are able to indulge in the salon, spa, clubhouse, pool, and gym. One of the best parts of swimming in crystal blue water is being able to explore ocean life, whether you’re staying in the residences or the resort, guests can arrange for a snorkeling trip or scuba diving excursion. The resort also offers dry activities like bocce ball, basketball, tennis, and a nature trail that’s perfect for cool morning walks.

Playa Largo Ocean Residences offer all of the conveniences of the resort and the comforts of a country home. Upon walking into our home, we parked in the private garage and stepped in through the entryway that housed a front porch. Next, we passed the foyer and were so excited to see the rooms that we made a beeline to the second story, bypassing the entire first floor. There are a variety of home sizes available to reserve. Ours had four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The master bedroom was everything you’d expect, with large bright windows, ocean views, a luxurious ensuite master bath with a tub and shower, and the best detail of all, a private deck. We noticed another staircase and were excited to find the house didn’t end there. We continued to explore and wandered into a bright media room that opened up to a massive roof deck with an outdoor kitchen.

When we finally made it downstairs, we walked through the foyer this time and found it opened up to an expansive living room. Adjacent to the living room was a separate bar area and a half bath. The first floor ends in the dining area and breakfast nook and leads to a deck that opens into a backyard. All of the details throughout the house evoked luxury, from the linens to the kitchen appliances to the floors within the home and the hardware in the bathrooms. The bedding in the house was 100% cotton, which is ideal for humid weather, and felt like we were sleeping on a cloud. Unsurprisingly, there was no street noise so not one moment of rest was wasted. The entire residence community is gated and has a guardhouse that guarantees privacy and makes the area kid-friendly. We started our days with complimentary baskets of fresh-baked bread and fresh fruit and ended our days on the upper floor decks, indulging in all of the pleasures that come with never leaving the house except to visit the ocean.

Playa Largo doesn’t necessarily have a downtown, but it does have a number of artisanal shops, art galleries, and quaint small-town vibes. If you want to explore outside of the resort, shopping areas are not very far and are great for connecting with locals and picking up unique souvenirs. One of the more convenient amenities offered by the Playa Largo Resort is the shopping and grocery to your door option. Guests at the Playa Largo Ocean Residences can create a grocery list and request those items be dropped off at their homes. Whether you plan to cook or not, the Playa Resort restaurants are also open to Playa Largo guests. With three eateries to choose from, the Sol by the Sea Marina, La Marea, a farm-to-table restaurant, and Las Olas, a ceviche and sushi bar, there are plenty of options that are only a short drive from Playa Largo Ocean Residences. We were

also able to reserve a picturesque family-style dinner on the beach through the Playa Largo Resort. The tables are Japanese kotatsu style, where all the diners sit on the floor, or in our case on the sand, and are able to enjoy the views of the sunset and the sounds of crashing waves.

At the end of a tree-lined street is a clubhouse where we grabbed a pair of cocktails and tanned by the pool. The outdoor pool lies at the very edge of the shore where we were able to swim and enjoy sunset ocean views. They say “life is what you make it” and we can say the same about our trip. Whether it’s a non-stop action-packed adventure or a laidback getaway needed to recharge your batteries, the Playa Largo Resort and Playa Largo Ocean Residences make it easy to create the vacation you want.

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