Exquisitely Exclusive: An Evening by Private Chef Yllan Laloum

Parisian Restaurateur Turned Private Party Master

Chef Yllan Laloum is a New York City-based private chef who is classically trained in Parisian and international cuisine. Growing up in Paris, Chef Yllan Laloum was surrounded by incredible food and developed a passion for it. Encouraged by his mother who recognized his interest in the culinary arts, Laloum attended and graduated from Ferrandi, one of the highest acclaimed culinary institutes in Europe. After gaining his Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP), Chef Yllan embarked on numerous epicurean adventures. Entering the culinary world as a chef in various well-known kitchens throughout Paris, Chef Yllan branched out into private weddings and catered events before being drawn abroad. An opportunity arose for Chef Yllan to move to New York City, and with the help of a friend from home who owned a restaurant in America, Chef Yllan was able to become a part of the international French community and gain experience as an international Chef. During this time, Chef Yllan was given the opportunity to train and work alongside Michelin-starred culinary experts and celebrity chefs including Didier Oudil, Eric Frechon, and has cooked for Eric Kayser, and Emeril Lagasse. 

After an exceptionally impressive twenty years of experience working in highly commended restaurants in both New York City and Paris such as Le Bernadin and Pardon my French, Chef Yllan decided to step away from the restaurant world. Working in such fast-paced environments for so many years caused Chef Yllan to feel disconnected from those he was cooking for. Wanting to create an experience for and with the people eating his dishes, Chef Yllan turned his focus towards becoming a private chef.

“When I have an idea, I just go for it,” Chef Yllan explained, “but being a private chef for families is not the same so you need experience.” 

Initially discouraged by his lack of experience as a Private Chef, Chef Yllan continued to try and reach out to different contacts to expand his resume. Eventually, an agency called him with a part-time job cooking for a doctor, alongside several other Chefs in a competition-like environment. Gaining a year and a half of experience there, Chef Yllan was able to secure a full-time position working as a Private Chef for a well-known, high net worth family. This opportunity allowed Chef Yllan to travel around the world and work with an extensive range of ingredients from incredible regions across the globe. 

After his time spent as a private chef, Chef Yllan came to the conclusion that he no longer wanted to work for anyone and desired to create a truly intimate food experience. This led Chef Yllan to establish his own Private Chef service where clients can reserve him on his website, www.PrivateChefNewYork.com. 

Private Chef Yllan offers a customized dining experience for groups as small as 10 people up to larger gatherings of 50 people. Chef Yllan brings his upscale dining experience to homes throughout the New York City boroughs, the Hamptons, North Fork, Long Island parts of Connecticut, and New Jersey. Combining his background of international cuisine, extensive knowledge of cheese and wine, and specialized pastry skills, Chef Yllan has conceived a profoundly innovative experience for any special occasion, party, event or holiday. Chef Yllan’s services begin with him going over budgets, ingredients, and any special requests from his clients. Trained in creating delicious meals for dietary restrictions, Chef Yllan can customize the menu to be suitable for any gluten-free, vegan, or kosher needs.  

Once a menu has been decided, Chef Yllan personally goes to the grocery store to gather all of the ingredients and then brings them into the client’s home to prep and cook. Each private event is a challenge in itself as every home kitchen is different and must be learned, quickly and efficiently. Chef Yllan’s goal is to share the experience alongside his clients by teaching them about the ingredients and recipes, while also involving them in the cooking process. Chef Yllan believes in preparing meals with quality ingredients that are visible to the guest so they can appreciate the flavors in a simplistic, yet intriguing way. Chef Yllan is especially fond of desserts, notably his elegant and sumptuous vanilla crème brûlée and French almond pear tart. 

Depending on the size of the party, Chef Yllan will vary how many staff members he brings with him. For larger parties, Chef Yllan usually has two or three servers with him to assist with the preparation of food, set-up, and clean-up of the parties. Otherwise, Chef Yllan solely does all of the cooking and menu building. Certain packages include the option to add a bartender if the host desires, as well. Since his services are premiere, Chef Yllan limits the team that he brings with him as he understands his clients’ privacy is key. When executing an event, Chef Yllan prioritizes his clients’ ease and expectations.

When it comes to finding his clients, and vice versa, Chef Yllan utilizes social media platforms, primarily Tik Tok and Instagram, @vivelechef, to expand the outreach of his services and continue to build his client base. With over 52K followers, Chef Yllan’s social media persona and his ability to showcase his knowledge of all things culinary has captured audiences and catapulted Chef Yllan’s Private Chef business in New York. He has also been fortunate enough to partner with a variety of culinary brands like D’Artagnan, Montechevre Goat Cheeese, Etu Charcuterie Boards and Eli’s Market on a series of recipe videos featured on Chef Yllan’s social media channels where several videos have gone viral. 

Shown throughout his work and cuisine, Chef Yllan’s Parisian roots, passion, and innate talent shine through in each dish and experience he creates. A true shapeshifter and artist, Chef Yllan exhibits effortless talent in his cuisine and event executing skills. To learn more about Chef Yllan’s work, services and menus, visit https://privatechefnewyork.com or follow his social media @vivelechef.