Refashioning the American Barbeque: Hestan

These last few months have taught us to revitalize spaces in our home for optimum comfort while also appreciating outdoor spaces that provide an oasis during the warmer weather. Backyard barbecuing will be the thing to do this season as social distancing continues to be incorporated into our day-to-day. Our ability to adapt to new ways of living has allowed us to reimagine entertainment with our friends and loved ones, and nothing brings people together more than gathering around a smoky grill. Hestan has just the thing for those looking to enjoy cookout weather all summer long. In the 1970s, Stanley Cheng broke out in the commercial cookware industry when he introduced, Circulon, the first line of nonstick technology to be used on hard-anodized metal to the cookware market, under the Meyer Corporation brand. Circulon became an instant hit and in 1997 Cheng moved on to the wine business after purchasing 80 acres of land in California’s Napa Valley. Hestan Vineyards, whose namesake is a blend of Stanley’s name and that of his wife Helen, has grown into an award-winning brand and over time Cheng has expanded the brand’s reach even further. In 2013, Stanley Cheng and partner Eric Deng founded Hestan Commercial Corporation in Anaheim, California.

Hestan rapidly rose to popularity in the culinary world soon after their debut. It became such a favorite of Michelin starred chef Thomas Keller, that he has incorporated Hestan’s Commercial line into the kitchens of several of his restaurants and is currently the brand ambassador for the company. In 2016, Hestan unveiled their Hestan Outdoor line at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo in New Orleans, where the company took home awards for Best in Show and Outdoor Grills. The Outdoor Living Suites have revolutionized traditional outdoor cooking and were designed to transport the cornucopia of cooking options that are available indoors to the backyard. “You can grill, bake, sear, refrigerate, everything you can do inside, these allow you to do outside,” expressed Basil Larkin, vice president of sales at Hestan. To refer to the suites as just grills would be an extreme oversimplification as they are much more than that.

Suites take 60-90 days to build in the company factory in Anaheim and about 4 hours to build in-home and install. The smaller of the suites measures 8-feet and is built with a stainless steel exterior, weatherproof outlets for gadgets, and undercounter refrigeration. Measuring in at a whopping 12 feet, the larger suite can accommodate a 42-inch grill where cooks can comfortably work while conversing with guests who can relax on the raised bar and indulge in a tall cool glass of beer freshly served from the suite’s 24-inch tap. There is also an option to add your own egg-shaped smoker for meat lovers who smoke a variety of meats. Finally, the entire unit has more than enough storage space, designed with cabinets and drawers for utensils and cooking tools. All of the Outdoor Living suites are customizable, customers can choose the color and appliances they want, add on custom countertops or keep the original stainless steel countertops. Available in 12 exclusive color finishes, some examples of their variety of colors include Bora Bora, Matador and Lush.