Undici: Jon Bon Jovi’s Favorite NJ Restaurant

THE INSIDE VUE: Jon Bon Jovi Interview

When a famous rockstar tells you what restaurant to go to, who are we to ignore them? Especially when that famous rockstar is Jon Bon Jovi?

In a recent Inside Vue podcast, Jason and Brian, our co-founders, were fortunate enough to interview Jon Bon Jovi, and what surprisingly came up was his favorite restaurant. What was even more interesting was that his favorite restaurant is located in Rumson, New Jersey, only a few minutes away from our office. So again, why wouldn’t we go on behalf of a rockstar’s recommendation?

The Ambiance

Pictured Here: Inside Undici. Photo Credit to Scott Dessel

A few weeks after our conversation with Jon Bon Jovi, we couldn’t let his recommendation go. We needed to see what was so exceptional and immaculate about the restaurant, Undici. After a few short emails, the VUE team was elated to be welcomed by the Undici team to experience the exquisite ambiance of their restaurant.

Undici is created for those who like rustic woodwork vibes. With enough room for all their guests and unique tables, it creates the perfect cozy restaurant to enjoy your meal.  Several guests can also dine in the upstairs area of the restaurant, which is typically used for private events. Though the interior design or the restaurant itself is inviting, so is the food.  Each culinary masterpiece is created by one of the best chefs in New Jersey, Giovani Atzori.

The Chef

Pictured Here: Giovanni Atzori, head chef of Undici

Giovani Atzori is best known for his work at the Undici restaurant; he leaves his guests wanting more of his tremendous meals. Atzori has perfectly generated a delectable menu that ensures everyone will be happy upon one bite of his food.  However, make sure to stuff your face while you can because his meals are typically rotated and curated depending on the season. We know this may be scary, your favorite meal disappearing. However, know something else is coming along, and it will be just, if not more, amazing to try at Jon Bon Jovi’s favorite restaurant!

Why You’ll Love It

 While the VUE team visited this exquisite restaurant, we were given their famous appetizers, meals, drinks, and dessert. We cannot say enough good things about their food and the tastes they leave in your mouth.

Pictured Here: (From left to right) Vitello Milanese, Chitarra Papalina,Prosciutto e Melon, Mafalsine Bolognese,Ceaser Salad,Deconstructed Canolli,and Salmone. Photo Credit to Scott Dessel

WARNING: Don’t go here unless you don’t want to dream about their famous Frosé and Nutella pizza. We can promise you; you have never tasted anything like it. What’s even better? The Frosé at this restaurant is available to go so you can bring it on all your picnics and special occasions. 

Pictured Here: Prosciutto e melon. Photo Credit to Scott Dessel

The Food

 If you’re like us, the second you see the photos, you’ll already be out the door and in the restaurant enjoying your food. But we do have recommendations!

Our team thoroughly enjoyed, as mentioned previously, the Nutella pizza and Frosé. Their Mafaldine Bolognese pasta, Gnocchi, and Chitarra Papalina pasta may very well be the best pasta we have ever been served. We were also given the prosciutto e melon, which is salty, sweet, and a refreshing taste on a summer day. 

We must also mention Undici’s incredible and massive cheeseboard. We were told by their general manager, Kevin Hoayeck, once one customer orders this, all the other tables tend to follow once they see the immaculate perfection that is this cheeseboard. 

Pictured Here: Salumi E Formaggi coupled with fire-roasted almonds, wild goat cheese, cerignola olives, and much more. Photo Credit to Scott Dessel

Drinks and Dessert

Pictured Here: Deconstructed Canolli. Photo Credit to Scott Dessel

We, of course, cannot forget about their drinks and dessert. Undici has a wide selection of elegant and finely aged wine that they pair with certain meals. They even participate in a rosé of the week that many of their followers swear by!

With many options and a fully stocked bar, there is really no drink you can’t get there, and they are all easily the best drinks that we’ve had in a long time. It is also important to mention their divine dessert options. 

We didn’t think the food could be any better until the dessert plates were brought out. We were lucky to indulge in the deconstructed cannoli, a flaky pastry in between a dollop of cannoli filling with shavings of dark chocolate. And, of course, their Nutella pizza. We understand if you don’t like Nutella, but we honestly think this dessert pizza will change your mind. 

Pictured Here: Nutella Pizza. Photo Credit to Scott Dessel

Sister Restaurants

If you’re looking for a new and exquisite experience, try Undici or their sister restaurants, Pastavino, Birravino, Surf, and lastly, Navy Pier Prime for a glamorous affair and divine food. We know you want to get out of the house and into the restaurant after the year we’ve had, and summer is a perfect time! So be sure to enjoy all their frozen drinks and all their perfectly curated menu options.

VUE is thankful to Jon Bon Jovi for the recommendation and Kevin Hoayeck and Ward Simcox for hosting us. We truly understand why Undici is John Bon Jovi’s favorite restaurant in New Jersey, and we think you should try it too.

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