Rhode Island: A Tourist’s Essential Guide


The New England region of the Northeastern United States nestles the mere state of Rhode Island, rich in grand history and spanning coastal views. Despite its diminutive size, Rhode Island is densely populated with fine dining experiences, luxurious hospitality, and interactive attractions that deeply immerse tourists in its enriching nature. Encapsulated by the ocean and admirable ancient architecture, Rhode Island is nothing short of a destination warmly welcoming tourists this fall season and all year round. We were granted a unique stay in Newport and Providence paired with an inviting itinerary that features the finest accommodations of these communities. Let’s explore some of Newport and Providence’s most luxurious offerings as the warm, fall weather prevails. 

Newport, Rhode Island

Planning to stay and unwind in the coastal community of Newport, Rhode Island which embraces the revitalized scenery of New England is worth the visit. Visiting Newport this fall season was nothing short of a riveting experience accessorized by intricate dining experiences, deluxe stays in some of the most divine hotels, and fascinating activities, so let’s explore our selected highlights. 

Places to Stay

Newport Harbor Island Resort

A warm and welcoming place to reside amidst an immersive travel expedition shapes the ultimate experience. Unwind near downtown Newport at the Newport Harbor Island Resort in close proximity to some of the most exclusive destinations. Designed to capture the essence of a coastal oasis, the Newport Harbor Island Resort is sustained by the simplistic decor, serene water views, and intimate hospitality. The Firepits at Newport nurture the essence of the fall season, centralizing a calming ambiance of an outdoor fire-pit patio and breathtaking sunset views. The spacious room accommodations grant expansive windows with peaceful water views, delving into Rhode Island’s tranquility. 


Castle Hill Inn

As one of the most desired hotels in Newport, Rhode Island, the Castle Hill Inn extends a sophisticated stay, channeling the original grandness of Rhode Island’s history. Offering a selection of beach cottage rooms within steps of the secluded beachfront, the stay evokes a quiet and cozy retreat during your Rhode Island adventures. The spanning coastline views and personalized service is unmatched at this luxurious inn. Surrounded by nature’s most prized asset of the Atlantic Ocean, it is nearly impossible to not embrace the sense of calm brought about when staying at the Castle Hill Inn. 



Exquisite Culinary Experiences

Giusto: Freestyle Italian Cuisine 

Giusto, Italian for “quite right,” is exactly just that. Redefining the traditionality of Italian cuisine, this is a fine dining experience you must secure a reservation for. Authenticity infuses their Italian cooking and the deep-rooted passion for the utmost exceptional services is unparalleled. Quality cuisine paired with a 100% Italian wine selection solidifies this ultimate restaurant experience. Not to mention, Giusto harvests the natural beauty of Newport’s coastal views; with the bustle of Newport on one side and an eye-catching view of the marina on the other, Giusto fully immerses itself in the coastal culture of Newport.

Stoneacre Garden

The next deluxe dining experience rooted in our itinerary was Stoneacre Garden, an elegant and scenic environment accompanied by culturally-elevated cuisine. Exceptional for indoor and outdoor dining, Stoneacre Garden embraces an environment of relaxation embellished by lush greenery. What is unique about Stoneacre Garden is it is both intimate and lively, so whether you desire an effortless meal amongst a small circle of friends or a larger gathering, it tailors to your needs upon request. A diverse menu and refreshing cocktails to satisfy any palate puts Stoneacre Garden on the map when exploring Newport. 


An activity you must participate in during your stay in Newport is Rail Explorers USA, an organized tour appropriate for all ages that treasure the scenic nature of Newport. Their Sunday Morning Brunch Tour is a unique excursion that pairs pedaling through Newport alongside mimosas, bloody marys, and a fresh breakfast spread– burning calories while also indulging in sweet treats is a brilliant combination. 

It is strongly encouraged that you visit  The Sailing Museum of Newport as the water is the most prized possession of Rhode Island. The Sailing Museum celebrates nature in its authentic form and guides tourists through an immersive experience advocating for the teamwork and tenacity that sailing permits. Sail through virtual simulations that heighten the heart and soul of Newport in the comfort of your friends and family.

In the spirit of fall, the Newport Haunted Ghost Tours captures the essence of the spooky October season. Newport is a pillar of haunted history and the Newport Haunted Ghost Tours uncover a glimpse into the mysterious tragedy that once swept the community. This tour is the perfect opportunity to add a thrilling and spine-chilling element to your trip and is held nightly at 8 pm.

The Newport Vineyards simulates the essence of Napa Valley just outside of Newport. With farm-to-table menus, the family-owned vineyard leverages an elegant and refined culinary excursion. With an extensive selection of award-winning wine, freshly crafted beer, and refined dishes, the tenderly preserved farmland was an overwhelmingly pleasant experience. Savor the locally sourced ingredients integrated into elevated cuisine and sip the wine that perfectly pairs with every bite at the Newport Vineyards. 

The historical architecture and intricate design that embellishes Newport grant character to the community. The Breakers Tour of Newport honors the Gilded Age and tours one of the richest and most grandiose mansions that previously accommodated presidential and royal guests. Financial prosperity radiates through the fine detail and decor and speaks volumes to the history of this estate. This immersive tour reveals the historic secrets that once pervaded Newport and encourages all guests to purpose their imagination. 

Providence, Rhode Island

After your exploration of Newport, within a short ferry ride is the capital city of Providence. Providence blends its quaint, historic community with the bustling destinations of a city. Here are some accommodations worth making the trip for.

Places to Stay

The Beatrice Hotel 

Modern and luxurious in its amenities, The Beatrice Hotel in downtown Providence fuels your relaxation. Sophisticated in its design, its 47-rooms cater to your every need. This boutique estate invites you to delve into its amenities with ease and delightfully indulge in its romantic ambiance. With exclusive access to a high-end guest experience and a secluded rooftop bar, The Beatrice Hotel exceeds a desirable stay. 

Exquisite Culinary Experiences


Located next to The Beatrice Hotel awaits Bellini of Providence, where modern luxury transcends authentic Italian cuisine. Enriched by a contemporary flare, Bellini pairs signature dishes alongside elegant cocktails. The family-owned restaurant sources the delicacy of white truffles from its Italian roots, elevating Italian cuisine from traditional to exceptional. Serving the original Bellini cocktail, a tasteful prosecco infused with a fresh peach puree exacted the exclusive and intimate dining experience while in Providence. 

 Tavolo Wine Bar & Tuscan Grille

Another authentic Italian destination we visited during our Providence stay was Tavolo, granting a classic, yet casual culinary experience. Grilled steaks and fresh seafood enhanced with a selection of wine and craft beer complimented the sophisticated experience. Tavolo checked all of the boxes when seeking fresh and exquisite cuisine, both land and sea.


 The Providence Food Tour invites guests along a tasteful adventure that celebrates the food, history, and intricate design of the lively capital. Tour the city of Providence and immerse yourself in the heart and soul that shapes its enjoyable nature. There is no better way to explore the hidden gems of a city than to schedule this interactive tour. 

Nourish the refreshing, crisp fall air while it lasts by visiting Phantom Farms. The harvested landscape welcomes guests to participate in interactive activities through seasonal changes. A wholesome and family-oriented activity to accompany your trip that offers scenic views and delectable treats is desirable this fall season. 

A signature event in Providence better known as WaterFire honors and revitalizes a deepened appreciation for award-winning art. Over 80 sparkling bonfires ignite the light that beams upon the impressive artwork, evoking a distinctive way of experiencing. Guests are invited along the three rivers of Providence to admire the sculptures wholeheartedly cherished by Rhode Island residents, evoking a heartfelt sense of community. 

A rustic brewery with a stellar selection of craft beer on tap makes The Guild: Pawtucket Beer Hall a highlight of our Providence endeavors. The Guild is prime real estate for special events, large group gatherings, and an overall good time. This experience embraces an environment of celebration accelerated by hand-crafted beer and delicious handheld snacks.

Our travels to Rhode Island were nothing short of a luxurious and exclusive weekend getaway with endless reservations to explore. Newport and Providence are both warm and inviting in their own unique way and should definitely occupy your travel plans this fall season. 

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