Romance Through Roses: Valentine’s Edition

A Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangement Guide

Giving your loved one roses on Valentine’s Day is a classic way to show your devotion. This year, put a twist on the tradition by assembling a floral arrangement! Olga Sahraoui from Sahola Flowers provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a romantic floral arrangement that even beginners can replicate.

1. Choose your flowers and accessories. In this arrangement, Sahraoui used variegated red roses, garden roses, pink callas, coral ranunculus, hypricum berries, astrantia, eucalyptus, and kalanchoe.

2. Depending on the size of your bouquet, fill a vase or a crystal glass about 3/4ths of the way with water. Add flower food or Clorox to the water to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time.

3, Clean the stems of any long-stemmed flowers by clipping any leaves that might go under the water in the vase.

4. Cut the stems of long-stemmed flowers before you put them in water. Take a few flowers at a time, and cut all of the stems at once from the bottom at a slight upward angle.

5. When creating an arrangement with different flower varieties, start by placing the largest bloom in the vase first (which would be the roses in this case), and then continue with the next smallest bloom.

6. Go through each “variety” step by step. For example, with this bouquet, Sahraoui recommends focusing on placing the flowers in the vase first, then adding the berries, and then adding the foliage.

7. As Sahraoui says, “have fun, and enjoy the process!”

A. Start building your bouquet by placing the largest blooms first.

B. Then, place the smaller blooms.

C. Next, add the berries.

D. Lastly, add the foliage.