Sailing Lessons NJ: Where to Learn the Ropes

Warmer weather is fast-approaching, and now is the perfect time to start planning your sailing lessons NJ. If you or a family member are interested in learning how to sail this spring and summer in New Jersey, here is a list of some of the best top-rated, well-rounded sailing schools in the state. 

Sailing Lessons NJ 

Manhattan Sailing School– Jersey City

Manhattan Sailing School, belonging to Manhattan Yacht Club, is the largest ASA- accredited sailing school in the country. Per the website, they have taught more than 1,500 people how to sail. Located in the New York harbor, they have a basic coastal cruising curriculum and a basic sailing curriculum, which features a 4 to 1 student-instructor ratio, allowing you to engage and learn with your peers in an uplifting, social environment. ASA certification is included in the basic sailing tuition and the first weekend courses begin April 15th-16th this year. 

Cooper River Yacht Club- Collingswood

Cooper River Yacht Club is a great place to learn how to sail for adults and kids alike, drawing on source material from US Sailing and Red Cross resources. Small boat training is both in-classroom and on-water to ensure that maximum safety techniques and rules are imparted.  Sailing lessons at this yacht club can be the start to becoming a competitive sailor, as regional, national, and world champions have taken lessons as this spot. Adult sailing lessons are offered for yacht club members and non-members from June- August for eight nights over the course of four weeks. 

sailing lessons nj

Barnegat Bay Sailing School and Sailboat Charters– Bayville

Come learn to sail with Barnegat Bay Sailing School in their program “Getting to Know Your Boat.” These are private lessons designed for three hour sessions broken down into three parts: on board, on the water, and docking. Barnet Bay Sailboat Charters also proudly offers the Margarita sailboat cruise for personalized cruises and corporate outings. 

Monmouth Boat Club– Red Bank

Monmouth Boat Club is a high-demand boat club in Red Bank, NJ that offers some of the best sailing lessons NJ around. Both adults and juniors can learn how to sail here; junior sailing lessons are offered on weekdays while adult lessons are by appointment. Sessions are two-hours each and offered in a bundle of four, with each lesson teaching new skills like boat rigging, communication, safety, and handling techniques. Conveniently, MBC also offers virtual weekly sailing lessons to supplement learning. The sailing season starts in late May through late October, so reserve your sailing lessons ahead of time. 

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