SOLAIA: A Perfect Partnership

Fourteen stories of luxuriously bold design were created through the partnership of Downtown Decorators and Skyline Development Group. SOLAIA, a new condominium development located in North Bergen, pushes design boundaries with fearless creativity. Teaming up from the beginning, Downtown Decorators and Skyline Development Group’s collaboration was able to bring this project to the next level. The attention to detail and tranquil ambiance of SOLAIA turns this development into a relaxing escape, guiding tenants in a healthy and positive direction each day. 

Downtown Decorators has been guiding clients through their custom interior design and home renovation projects since being established in 2017. Though they are located in New Jersey, the Downtown Decorators team have worked on homes from Massachusetts, to Florida, confidently ensuring that they can create designs from anywhere. Leading the Downtown Decorators team is Jaclyn Isaac, a “renovation junkie” and driven principal designer. Mixing classic interiors with a vintage and bold flair, Jaclyn creates unique designs with a story behind them. Pairing up with Lou Mont, the founder and CEO of Skyline Development Group, created a timelessly balanced end result. Lou’s 40 years of real estate development and management experience and Jaclyn’s design tactics blended well together from the start. 

When beginning a project with the designer and developer collaborating, creativity and savvy design methods flow naturally. Generating an outstanding design through their partnership so other designers and developers could experience the magic that can come when the roots of a project are connected was a big goal when creating SOLAIA. It was essential to tactically design the floorplan in a way that differentiated the rooms and had common spaces stand-out. Working with developers that were not afraid to get creative and try new things generated a collaborative masterpiece. Using classic architectural elements and blending them with modern furniture and pieces created a classy and sleek environment in the condos. 

The use of custom pieces gives SOLAIA its one-of-a-kind feel. Custom Italian Cabinetry in the condos, Italian Castaellavazzo rock in the lobby, a custom ombre glass mosaic in the spa, fluted marble and custom art installations turn SOLAIA into so much more than a condominium. Local millworkers have created custom furniture and an artist is creating a hand-painted, lime wash effect piece for the ceiling of the spa. Creativity and passion flood the condominium through each detail.

SOLAIA’s balance and wellness-oriented design features a 3-tiered Wellness Center with state-of-the-art amenities, including a fitness center. The condominium development is better described as a sanctuary with a Halotherapy salt lounge, a sauna and steam room. Fitting in with the natural, balanced energy of SOLAIA, the condos feature Wifi enabled appliances for energy conservation, along with private outdoor spaces.

SOLAIA’s first closings will begin in the first quarter of 2021.

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