Sophisticated Living

HomeWhen it comes to home décor, creating a space that looks balanced takes skill. Beyond that, there are unspoken rules to follow: which colors can and can’t go together, using more than one print, but sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. Trained to see things differently and willing to take risks, interior designers can help to enhance the overall look and quality of a space, and allow a fresh perspective. And sometimes, all your home really needs is a little extra attention.

Located in Old Tappan, this luxury residence is the epitome of modern elegance. Designed by Vanessa DeLeon, this 8,000-square-foot home was transformed into a functional and fashionable living space. Using a unique combination of mixed metals, prints, and textures, she was able to create an updated yet timeless look. DeLeon is well-known for her bold accents, pops of pattern, and in this home, the design is truly in the details. Home

Playing off the layout of the home, DeLeon created a cohesive look by keeping the walls a cool gray throughout. “I wanted all the colors to work in unison, even though all the rooms are somewhat away from each other, they work together as a full color story.” To bring added touches of warmth, a combination of mixed metal accents in gold, silver and rose gold marry the rooms together, and stand out against the dark wood floors. To amplify an otherwise seemingly neutral color palette, unique lighting fixtures add an extra element of glamor and drama. DeLeon chose to utilize overscale pendant lighting and chandeliers with gold, brass and silver finishes to compliment the muted tones and provide a luxe element.

HomeThe family room is centered around the furniture arrangement; white leather tufted sofas and a matching ottoman bring a matte element to contrast the metallic detailing. “The sofa is the bold statement,” DeLeon explained, “but the second best feature is the ceiling wallpaper.” One of DeLeon’s signatures, the marbled wallpaper adds something fresh and unexpected, and ties the entire room together. Adorning one’s ceiling is a small detail that can make a big impact and is oftentimes an overlooked opportunity to bring a sense of style to a room. Included in the family room is the wet bar, a staple for entertaining, which was upgraded with gold trimmed seating. While above the fireplace, there are mixed metal feather decals that mimic the artwork.

The kitchen, while considerably the largest room in DeLeon’s design, has a more minimalist feel. The kitchen was kept light and bright, with crisp white cabinets and rich marble countertops, all organized around a central island. The steel appliances pop against the flowing gray tiled backsplash and the overhead pendant lighting acts almost as a piece of art. Staying true to her timeless aesthetic, the kitchen is both modern and classic with clean lines and sophisticated touches. Home

In the dining room, DeLeon used a separate graphic print for the ceiling, one with a blue floral pattern that is parallel to a similar shaded rug. The elongated dining table and chairs fit the neutral color scheme, and provide a subtle iridescence that allows the room to shine. The décor was also enhanced by the addition of an oversized statement mirror, a tool for expanding the look and feel of a room that is more narrow.