How To Survive Long Periods Of Time With Your Significant Other

Never in our lives have we had so much time on our hands. For some, it’s easy to be quarantined with your significant other for hours and hours each day. For others spending this much time with your partner can be difficult! I’ve put together a “handbook” for those who may need a little bit of help on how to survive long periods of time with your significant other. They may just save you from going absolutely insane!

Encourage Each Other’s Hobbies

If there’s ever a time to embrace your partner’s hobbies, now is the time. Under normal circumstances, you may not have the free time to do the things you love. By the time we are usually home from work, there’s quite a bit that needs to get done. So now’s the time to go ahead and promote one another on spending the time doing what you both love. If he likes to play video games, watch war movies, or fixate himself on the ESPN channel for extended periods of time, let him! And if she wants to watch the Hallmark Channel, take selfies, or stay up all night on Instagram, let her!  This new-found balance of doing what you both love can not only be refreshing but may save you from finding yourself down one another’s throats! 

Take Turns On “Together” Activities 

Having some sort of order or system on daily activities together is one of the easiest ways to survive long periods of time with your partner. For example, if she chose to watch Clueless on Saturday night, then it’s his turn to watch 1917 on Sunday. If she chose rigatoni with fra diablo sauce for dinner last night, then go ahead and suggest steak and mashed potatoes tonight. Having this balance with everything you do together will help you to survive long periods of time with your significant other and keep your relationship in check!

Participate When Asked!

Although this can be more difficult for some, it’s important to get involved when requested. If she’s cooking dinner and needs your assistance, help her! Better yet, cook dinner one night and have her help you. If she is having a photoshoot at home, be a good Instagram husband and take 167 photos if need be! If he requests for you to check out his new high score on Grand Theft Auto, appease him and tell him what a great job he’s done! Showing just a little bit of interest in what your partner is doing, can go a long way!

Make Time to Spend Together (with no distractions)

Through all of this (if you’ve done it right that is), there will be just enough time left in the day to come together as one. Talk about the book you read today, the highlights from your online poker game, or the ending to that sad movie you watched first thing this morning. And of course, without a doubt, spend that necessary time with some true romance to finish up your day. Whether it’s cuddling on the couch, laying in bed together, or, well you know the rest! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your coexistence if you just take the time to separate and come together throughout your day. Who knows, you may even learn to love spending 24 hours a day together! I know I do!

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