Swinging Into The Season With PXG Apparel

Renee LaBelle Parsons’ skilled business tactics, keen eye for fashion, and generosity have led her to her most recent project; developing and designing PXG Apparel. PXG has created some of the most efficient and luxurious golf clubs on the market, so Renee put her vision into play and created a stylish line of golf wear to match the quality of PXG’s clubs. Renee and her husband, Bob are widely respected and involved in the golf world. They spend much of their free time at Scottsdale National Golf Club, which they acquired and redesigned. Renee’s close involvement with golf, business, and fashion, made her the prime person to create an impeccable line of golf clothing for men and women. 

Renee has created a platform for herself through many different philanthropic and business ventures. She has a passion for improving businesses and assisting those in need of relief. She holds an executive position at YAM Worldwide, which houses over a dozen businesses, and she supports multiple nonprofit foundations and organizations. 

Renee Parsons was raised to lead with love, and she began helping others from a young age. Her childhood in the Midwest taught her how to thrive in the world of serving others. Growing up with parents in the hospitality industry, She learned how to handle people and properly run a business at just thirteen years old when she began working in her parent’s restaurant. This allowed her to dip her toes into the serving and accommodation business and gave her an idea of what she wanted to do as a career. Her love for helping others and her experience working in her family’s restaurant in her youth led her to attend Central Michigan University, attaining a BA in Hospitality and Business. 

Renee’s philanthropic spirit shines through each of her endeavors. She held a six year position at Make A Wish Arizona and continues to support multiple women’s, children, and educational foundations, including; Girls Scouts- Arizona Cactus Pine-Council, Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix, Women Moving Millions, and Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona. Renee is committed to investing in women and girls, on a global scale, and she values the relationships she creates through her philanthropic journeys. She is also a former member for the Hualalai Ohana foundation which serves to help arrange medical and educational aid for families on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Renee Parsons launched the Corporate Department of GoDaddy after joining their team in 2009. She then expanded the department, creating partnerships with organizations including, UMOM, Make A Wish Arizona, and Semper Fi Fund to expand the outreach toward different communities and extend the philanthropic efforts of her department. Her architectural eye led to the reinventing and designing of the PXG House at Scottsdale National, along with the creation of the spa and fitness center. Renee also manages and oversees the hospitality sector of Scottsdale National.

In 2012, Renee co-founded and launched the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation with her husband, which is a nonprofit organization that strives to aid individuals and families living in poverty, especially focusing on low-income communities. The foundation’s goal is to help people and foundations that are not recognized in mainstream philanthropic efforts and in the media and provide a hopeful and honest environment for those who are disadvantaged. Renee and her husband, Bob, have a drive towards helping those who are underprivileged and want to transform lives through their hard work and generous donations. In 2018, the Bob & Renee Parsons foundation raised $20 million dollars, which was given to 37 different organizations. 

In 2018, Renee went forward to form PXG Apparel Worldwide. Renee wanted to bring some fun to the course, without sacrificing performance-driven quality. Her goal was to create sleek golf clothing and accessories that are made from high-quality materials and modern styles to reinvent golf wear. PXG Apparel has brought a bolder and fashion-driven approach to accommodate a golfer’s entire day. PXG Apparel steers towards those seeking comfort on and off the course. The items featured in PXG’s collections are suitable for every golfer. From vests and skirts to towels and gloves, PXG Apparel hits every mark. 

The color of the season? Lilac. PXG Apparel color palette consists of shades of black, white, and gray, so bringing in a splash of lilac adds an energizing and elegant boost to any standard outfit. The Spring/Summer 2020 Collection pays extra attention to detail with edgy new designs and patterns. This season’s collection also features accessories for pets for those who enjoy bringing their furry friends on their afternoon golf trips. Renee has always had a passion for art and design and stated that she frequently made sketches as a child. Renee’s youth is an influence in each of her successes and she continues to remain true to her desire to help and serve others.