The Future of Grand Touring — Bentley’s EXP 100 GT

—To celebrate its 100th birthday, Bentley created the EXP 100 GT, a striking all-electric concept poised to redefine the 21st-century driving experience. As you walk through the corridors of Bentley’s 1946 factory in Crewe, England, you can still spot stacks of wood logs and a newspaper clipping-like copy of the U.K.’s 1974 Woodworking Machine Regulations.…

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Flip Auto — A New Way to Drive

flip auto

—Flip Auto launches the first premier auto subscription service in the Northeast. By Melissa Sorge Car envy. We have all had it—that feeling when you love your rugged, oversized, fits everything-but-the-kitchen-sink SUV until a sleek sports car with the top down pulls up next to you and you cannot help but question whether or not…

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Supersonic Renaissance: The Aerion AS2


Kick off your shoes, stretch out on the couch, adjust your pillows and curl up with your favorite book. Check the console. It’s a balmy 82 degrees in Venice. Looking down on the endless clouds below racing by at 1,000 miles per hour as you cross the Atlantic three hours faster than the average commuter?…

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Formula 1 Phenomena: Mercedes AMG’s 2017 F1 W08 EQ Power+

formula 1

By Andrew Glass Formula 1 is not only exciting for the thrills of a high-speed race. Car design is also an essential part of the competition and a factor that appeals to millions of fans all across the world. For decades, Formula 1 cars have stood out as prime examples of superior race car engineering,…

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Dawn of the Supercar: The 2018 McLaren 720S


McLaren began conquering racetracks around the world in the 1960s. Led by Bruce McLaren, the eponymous racing team has since won almost 200 Grands Prix. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that McLaren ventured to bring a supercar to market. That car was the McLaren F1, and it changed the way supercars were engineered. This…

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Lux Motorwerks: Customizing A Ferrari 458 Spider

Sure, a body kit with black side vents might look decent on your 2017 LS. But a custom wing spoiler and a fluorescent paint wrap? Certainly not. Luxury drives a fine line between garish and classy, and in the automotive world, nobody understands that better than Stephen Stasiulewicz, the founder and CEO of Lux Motorwerks,…

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