The 5 Best Private Jet Charters in NJ


With airports only 12 miles away from Midtown Manhattan, New Jersey provides many private broker and operator options for clients in need of executive transportation. While many are exceptional, there are a select few options that fly above the rest. Below you will find 5 of the best private jet charters in NJ.



Vincent Jets

Touted as the most reliable private jet broker in the state, Vincent Jets is an enterprise with a focus on personal service. With its headquarters located in Hoboken, this private charter company provides a wide array of services including 24/7 international travel, empty-leg flights, and live market pricing. This broker’s vendor fleet comprises 14,000 aircraft on seven continents, all of which are Part 135 and 91 certified. In regards to live market pricing, this is the only broker in the region to offer this service, providing you with the best price for any flight, at any time. With such impeccable service, the only thing that you need to do is arrive at the airport.

Aside from being available in all major airports in the region, Vincent Jets also charters flights from Teterboro and Morristown Municipal Airports. With the addition of exceptional customer service and various concierge options, Vincent Jets earns the title of the best private jet charter in the region.



Air Charters

Air Charters is an excellent choice for flyers that prefer a personal, old fashioned work ethic for their flights. Located in Teterboro, this company offers executive charter services at a competitive price. Unlike many of the options listed here, which are jet charter brokers, Air Charters provides their services from a place of personal ownership. Being one of the few charter operators in the region for over 35 years, this company has a small fleet of light and mid size jets available for travel across the Western Hemisphere.

As a result of them being charter operators, not only will you not incur a broker fee but you are guaranteed to be in the air within 2 hours of booking your flight. Other services include organ donor flights and aircraft management. If you are looking for a company with decades of experience and rock solid dependability, Air Charters will be your ideal choice.


Evo Jets

Evo Jets is a private broker with a strong track record for providing quality executive services since 2006. With their headquarters located in New York City, all private charters are made available through Teterboro and Morristown airports. Within 2 hours of chartering your flight, you will be well on your way to any destination you please. This service is guaranteed by their in-house evaluation system known as the Operator Performance Index (OPI). Going beyond what is required by the FAA, Evo’s system measures an air carrier’s reliability by several factors, including their ARGUS and Wyvern ratings, average condition of aircraft, and service record.

Additional services include empty leg flights, cargo plane rentals, large group charters, aircraft sales, aircraft management, medical flights, and precious cargo transport. Out of these options one of the most interesting is their pet policy, which unlike the other options is listed as a mainline service. Cats and Dogs are allowed to freely roam the cabins of their jets, while some of the more exotic options are handled based on present circumstances. All of these services have led to many satisfied clients, which you can read about their positive experiences on their website. With their unique services and dedication to flier safety, this company easily stands out as a contender for the best private jet broker in the region.



Monarch Air Group

Founded in 2006, Monarch Air Group has been a consistent source of air charter and private jet solutions for a wide selection of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the United Nations. With high level clientele comes a suite of certainties, which contributes to them having one of the highest customer retention rates in the business. This is assured by having routine safety audits performed by third party contractors to assure FAA regulations compliance. 

While they only offer 6 types of aircraft, they make up for in a wide array of flight related services. These services include private charters, empty legs, cargo charters, ACMI leases, AOG shipments, and aircraft management. No matter the destination, Monarch aims to make sure you arrive there safely and with great efficiency. Like all of the options above, you can charter flights with Monarch from all nearby airports, both public and private.



Stratos Jets

With over 1000 charters plotted annually and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Stratos Jets is a highly rated broker with an emphasis on excellence. This has been made possible by fostering strong relationships with a select few private operators over the course of 15 years. In terms of safety, Stratos maintains a 50 million dollar non-owned liability policy in addition to what is provided by the air carriers themselves. This quality-forward model is also prevalent in the way they handle charter failures, by advocating on behalf of their clients to reach a fair resolution.

Like many of the options, other flight related services include empty leg flights, cargo jet charters, medical transport, aircraft management, aviation management and insurance. If you would like to fly to over 10 thousand domestic and international destinations with an unmatched peace of mind, you can charter a flight with Stratos Jets in all regional airports. 



In Summary

With so many options it may be difficult to make a decision. With that being said, if these options do not speak to you, there are plenty of reliable options in both Teterboro and Morristown.  Surfair, AirCharter Advisors, Paramount Business Jets and Bitlux are also strong options and worth looking into. On the other hand, if you like all of these options but are not sure which one speaks to you, reach out to any of them for a quote! They are all excellent choices and are our top picks for private jet charters in NJ.