The Balanced Boss: Melissa Gorga

As one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for the past decade, Melissa Gorga is known as the down-to-Earth, motherly, fashionista character. Starting her Bravo career at just 30 years old, Gorga has grown with the show and evolved from the life she loved as an adoring wife and stay-at-home mom, into a blossomed businesswoman, a role she loves just as much. Behind the scenes, Gorga has been turning her fame into an empire from the day she started filming for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She works on multiple business ventures while still finding time to film and, above all else, time to be the best wife and mother she can be to her three children, Gorga has proven that she has mastered the art of balance, further extending her string of successes.

After joining The Real Housewives of New Jersey during its third season, Gorga was quickly loved by fans for her relatability and level-headed ways. Curious about the business world and eager to explore her talents, Gorga immediately knew that she wanted to use her newfound fame from the show as an entrepreneurial platform. Branching out from multiple endeavors, Gorga established her gifts in a variety of industries and demonstrated her ability to do it all (and make it look easy). From dipping her toes into the music industry, inspired by her childhood dreams, to owning and designing for her boutique, “Envy by Melissa Gorga”, it is hard to believe that she still has time to work on new projects and ventures.


Gorga credits her success, in part, to the fact that she lives by honesty and is her genuine self, both on television and in her business ventures.“The fact that we’re human is what makes people like us,” she explained, “No one wants to see perfection all around because that’s not what we are.”

Passionate about spreading her advice on relationships, life, and overall genuinity, Gorga has ventured out of her comfort zone and released her own podcast, On Display. As an entertainer and trusted friend, the reality star’s podcast is the perfect way to channel her thoughts without any boundaries or barriers. The advice show’s first episode was released on December 2nd and featured her husband, Joe Gorga. Each week she will sit down with a celebrity guest and discuss topics including fashion, relationships, and family, in an unfiltered, raw manner.

Throughout the pandemic, Gorga was dedicated to staying in shape and being healthy, but knew she would have to take matters into her own hands. And with so many fans asking her how she stays in shape, what she eats, and how she balances her life, Gorga knew she had to share her secrets. Melissa Gorga’s own fitness line will be coming to big retail stores soon. As a busy mom of children with entirely different schedules, and as a driven businesswoman, Gorga understands the feeling of not having enough time each day and wanted to create a workout method that is easy and accessible to all. Her fitness line wil feature equipment such as bands, benches, and weights, to give users the opportunity to get an efficient 30-minute workout at home.

Gorga’s passion for showing her authenticity has inspired her business ventures and expanded her success. Though her traditional husband, Joe Gorga, wishes that their family could go back to the stress-free days before Melissa had her hectic, full schedule, she assures that she only has plans to continue to reinvent herself and expand her empire. “I’m well aware that the show won’t be there forever,” Gorga explained, “You gotta keep moving and keep it going.”


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While Gorga may no longer be able to fill her days with shopping and lunches, the pride she feels from the success of her entrepreneurial journey takes the cake. With multiple ventures in the making and more on the horizon, Gorga defines balance when it comes to the way she handles the many layers of her life. Serving as an inspiration to those dreaming of growing a business, and those struggling to juggle it all, Gorga’s poised stability is definitely something to praise.


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