The Best Light Displays In The World

There is something magical about walking around a downtown neighborhood and admiring the decorations and lights that illuminate the streets. Light displays can be a work of art and can be as simple as strands of red and green LED lights, to millions of bulbs creating the most elaborate displays. Cities all around the world have light displays that are unquestionably beautiful. From Hong Kong to Lyon, France, we can see lights that are pure works of art. Grabbing a suitcase and visiting these displays might be the most festive and heartwarming way to spend your holiday season.

Floating Christmas Tree, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro puts their displays on the water by incorporating a Floating Christmas Tree.

Luci d’Artista, Salerno, Italy

Located in the southern Italian town of Salerno, Luci d’Artista attracts thousands of admirers to its city center.

Fête des Lumières de Lyon, Place Bellecour

The four day Fête des Lumières in Lyons, France, features a wide range of colors and displays.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lights are draped across the city streets during the annual Amsterdam Light Festival in Holland.

Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Lithuania

At Cathedral Square in Vilnius, Lithuania the start of the holiday season is marked with an extravagant Christmas Tree Lighting.

Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong

Music and lights create an elaborate spectacle during the Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong, China.