Brownstone Pancake Factory: Setting a Precedent for Breakfast Couture

The Brownstone Pancake Factory is a destination for any breakfast lover’s road trip. Known for their wacky and inventive recipes for pancakes, waffles, shakes, and more, this family owned business is a celebration of creativity. The restaurant features three additional locations in Englewood Cliffs, Brick, and Freehold, each with a unique draw of its own. You will find that the excitement of Brownstone Pancake Factory is not limited to the food. At Englewood Cliffs, should you find yourself inclined to an assortment of creative cocktails and boozy shakes, the seasonal bar patio is open from the spring to the fall. For a twist on typical seating, the life sized Volkswagen bus at the Brick location offers a cheerful alternative. The Freehold location is a whirlwind of entertainment with a full merry-go-round available to patrons of all ages. All of the locations of the Brownstone Pancake Factory are designed by acclaimed interior designer and wife of the owner, Vanessa Deleon Bournias, lovingly dubbed “the first lady of the Brownstone.” 

The Brownstone Pancake Factory in Brick, New Jersey

The Brownstone Pancake Factory was originally opened in the 1960s by Peter and Irene Bournias in Jersey City. The couple arrived in the United States from Greece, not even knowing what a pancake was, but they soon developed a vision of creating all kinds of crazy variations on a traditional pancake recipe. They brought their dream to life with the help of their two children, Maria and Bobby. Though the original restaurant was a little subway car diner, Bobby Bournias rebranded and moved it to Edgewater in 2014. Wanting to lean into the whimsical personality of the family, Bobby and Vanessa have incorporated all sorts of exciting treats to the menu, including their Insane Shakes, debuting a special flavor for each shake-of-the-week. You may even find their son, Telly, taking after the family business and experimenting with his own concoctions! With a varying and flavorful menu, ranging from their famous pancake and waffle combinations to classics including burgers and quesadillas, the Brownstone Pancake Factory is a haven of delectable dining for even the pickiest of eaters.

The Insane Shake-of-the-Week: Salted Caramel Brownie

A specialty of the Brownstone Pancake Factory is their Brownstone Brunch Box. Brimming with your favorite toppings, the Brunch Box offers its fans a customizable assortment of mini pancakes, waffles, french toast squares, and almost 20 different sauces, syrups, and toppings. It truly is a party in a box! In addition to the original box, the Bournias family has expanded into seasonal specials, and are currently showcasing their Valentine’s Day, and Winter Wonderland editions. They go above and beyond for their guests every time, offering both gluten-free and vegan options to anyone with dietary restrictions. The party at the Brownstone Pancake Factory isn’t limited to food, however. All locations offer the opportunity to host private events with a particular menu curated specifically for the group. Additionally, guests have the option to buy out the entire location for an after-hours event. 

The Brownstone Pancake Factory’s New Year’s Pancakes

This restaurant stands out among the rest. Centered on family, innovation, and a healthy dose of playful ingenuity, the Brownstone Pancake Factory welcomes everybody with open arms and a once-in-a-lifetime dining extravaganza. The Bournias family emphasizes the importance of creating an experience for their guests at the Brownstone Pancake Factory, rather than “just another meal.” Each location offers a brand new way of going out to eat. The Brownstone Pancake Factory embodies the idea of having fun and living in the moment. Through these values Bobby and Vanessa carry on the legacy of Peter and Irene to create a vibrant and exciting adventure wherever they go.