The Majesty of the Navesink — The Molly Pitcher Inn

Residing on the Navesink River in Red Bank lies the Molly Pitcher Inn; a historic, yet timeless hotel. Guests can stay in one of their many rooms to enjoy their numerous amenities including their pool or book any events of their choosing such as weddings or birthday parties in their elegant banquet halls. However, to really enjoy your time at the Molly Pitcher Inn and indulge in that picturesque waterfront view of the Navesink River, you have to dine at their huge outdoor patio. 

Right when we walked outside, you can already feel like the cool breeze from the river matching perfectly with the glistening sun. Every table provided a nice shade with a relaxing, yet lively vibe all around. 

New executive chef Jason Zimmermann and executive sous chef Melissa De Araujo are constantly adding and adapting the menu reflecting on what is available seasonally, products grown in their herb garden, and what can be sourced at local farms. The menu contained all the classics in addition to unique dishes adding a little twist. 

Bringing out the essence of summer in their dishes was executed beautifully with the presentation of the bright colors, down to the refreshing flavors. We started the meal with a light burrata accompanied by vibrant grilled tomatoes and sweet grilled peaches presenting these lovely grill marks that unleashed a slight smokiness. Shrimp cocktail with layers of Bloody Mary sauce and wasabi cream added a delicate, tangy kick. A classic hummus dip with the toasted pita, feta cheese, and olives wrapped up the course so well while still leaving us room for more. 

The dishes in their main course emphasize the local bounty we have in the state with the variety of seafood and meat they offer. The chicken pot pie is a platter that has been on the Molly Pitcher’s menu for years and has become the must-have staple. According to De Araujo, they removed it from the menu for a period of time and the demand for it was through the roof — causing them to bring it back. When the dish is served to the table, a flaky puff pastry is placed carefully on a plate. The server then takes heaping spoonfuls of the piping hot filling and creates a well in the puff pastry; allowing it to absorb the magic of the broth. Their take on this classic, simple dish is no wonder why it’s such a crowd favorite.

The mahi-mahi was not only a true eye-catcher but a palette pleaser, too. The fish coated with a nicely seared exterior sat atop of bed of sweet potato hash—adding a hint of sweetness. A pool of coconut ginger cream served as a base dotted with a cilantro-chili gel giving the taste buds a cooling effect. A garnish of pickled pineapples and crispy, golden tostones were the finishing touches to the dish. 

Dessert is something you don’t want to skip here, even if you’re almost full. The Molly Pitcher S’more imitated that little campfire treat in an elegant dessert. A warm apple cobbler — another crowd favorite — was that go-to comfort dessert with melting vanilla gelato on top. The peach crumble and the coconut semifreddo desserts were a pleasant and light way to end a meal with their fruity elements and invigorating accompaniments. 

The Molly Pitcher Inn is not only a great place to eat with their extraordinary and polished dishes but the perfect place to stay in Red Bank. The hospitality, venues, food, and overall character of the hotel will have guests never wanting to leave. Be sure to make a reservation for lunch or dinner to eat and enjoy the astonishing views of the waterfront.