The Modern Bathroom With KOHLER

Bring The Bold Look of KOHLER® to your new bathroom. In today’s competitive housing market, it’s important to remember that renovating may be your new best friend. Just because you bought an older home or fixer-upper doesn’t mean you have to compromise with style. That includes the bathroom, which while you may spend most of your time in other parts of your house, is the room where you prepare yourself for the day ahead. Why not have it be spacious and modern?

Smarter the Better

A common take in our modern world is that the more intelligent the appliances the better. That thinking doesn’t have to end with the bathroom. The Eir intelligent toilet exemplifies the art of innovation, and its flowing lines and personalized finish detail will make a statement in any bathroom. With a full complement of convenient features, including a heated seat, customizable cleansing, night-light, hands-free opening/closing, automatic flush, plus a touchscreen remote, nothing else compares. And the sleek tankless, and skirted design combined with a back-to-wall installation allows for concealed connections to make the toilet a beautiful centerpiece in your bathroom.

Truly Transform Your Shower Experience

A digital shower will completely change your showering experience for the better. How? By allowing you to control or customize your experience down to the tiniest detail. You can orchestrate temperature, spray experiences, steam, music and more all with an intuitive interface. From a simple upgrade to a deluxe, spa-like experience, a digital shower is perfect for any need or space. The DTV+ digital showering system brings water, sound, steam and light together for a true multisensory showering experience. Every element of your shower is completely customizable and controlled by a touch-screen interface.

The Minimalist

We get it; clutter and an abundance of stuff are not exemplary, especially in a bathroom. That’s why this minimalist vanity is the right choice for your newly renovated bathroom. Not only does this Bodo Vanity by Robern allow space for two sinks, but it also has one singular shelving unit to store the essentials for your daily routine within easy and comfortable reach.

Natural Light Meets Art Deco

Lighting is perhaps the most critical element in a bathroom. When you want to have all the natural light feel at any time of the day, choose the Vorleigh. It takes inspiration from Streamline Moderne, an international Art Deco architecture style from the 1930s. With its aerodynamic design, it was used in railroad locomotives, telephones, buses, appliances, and other devices to give a sleek and modern look. This collection finds a perfect home in contemporary interiors.

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